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Zhu ting to talk about his hometown: I’m going out from Henan’s own roots here to meet the scene, the reporter turned fans eager to ask for a signature. Zhou Xiaoyun, Zhengzhou, September, 3 (reporter Zhou Xiaoyun) was named the most valuable player of the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team, returned to his hometown of Henan, the main player of the year. She met at the scene of the media on the 3, said his roots in Henan, today’s achievements can not be separated from the encouragement and support of Henan volleyball. "Zhu ting good, Zhu Ting gas!" The morning of September 3rd, held in Henan Province Sports Bureau Zhu Ting will meet the media start on time, Zhu Ting height 1 meters 95 once appeared, it attracted many of the media waiting for bursts of applause. In the face of home media, Zhu Ting bowed thanks, thanks to the media through the media to support and concern the people of their hometown, and share her Olympic mood. Rio stadium, in the semi-final Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Holland, Zhu Ting shows the side of his "expression emperor", users have been the "king of contempt" domineering look at. And under the action of Zhu Ting, in the face of people in my hometown has put back on the domineering, gentle and delicate show, meeting frequently for media fans to send welfare, smile, face, chin…… TV outside of Zhu Ting, is full of cute expression pack". The picture shows the meeting site, the reporter turned fans eager to ask for signature. Photo by Zhou Xiaoyun to reporters about domineering expression question, Zhu Ting smile said: "I am in private is a very quiet person, at that time in the game is improvisation, was also a continuous shot, but not in private, should also have only in the game." Rio returned, Zhu Ting always remember the beginning of the heart, keeping his humble and low-key. She scored 60 points for her performance in rio. She said: "scoring less, I will be more room for improvement." She said that the performance of the Rio stadium, she still has a lot to improve the place, including some of the play volleyball, which is about to be in her Turkey League need to improve the place. As China’s new leader, Zhu Ting went to Turkey in mid September in league play, she said her every time there is a small target, this is one of them, she wants to step by step, a complete her own goals. Born in 1994 in Henan Dancheng an ordinary peasant family background Zhu Ting, rural parents don’t have any athletic experience, Zhu Ting with excellent physical condition and the spirit of hard peasant girl, from the sports school, sports school in Henan Province youth team, and then to the Henan provincial team, the national youth team, and the national youth team team. In his idol Lang Ping, the 22 year old peasant girl in the world, become a star. "I’m going out of Henan, my roots are here." On the meeting, Zhu Ting wrote to the Henan women’s volleyball team, she said, Henan women’s volleyball team’s children are very good, the condition is very good, I believe that through the team training, will progress quickly, winning glory for the country as soon as possible. After the battle of Rio, for the first time back to the road home in Henan, said Zhu Ting most want to eat pasta, unfortunately, because of the rush, the same day in the afternoon Ting also need to leave to return to Beijing, no more time to return to the old Dancheng相关的主题文章: