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Zhu Ting 4 games 90 points in 3 games, scoring, dunks domineering teammates must Xiongqi – Sohu sports Zhu Ting 4 games 90 points in 3 games, scoring, dunks domineering, teammates must Xiongqi Liu comprehensive observation of 23 points, and scoring, and the audience is the most crazy spike in hand. Unfortunately, the team’s overall lack of understanding, some small part of delicate enough, coupled with the coach in the key tactical arrangements are questionable, favorites of Keifer watts (23-25, 25-19, 1-3 17-25 and 23-25) and lost the Champions Issa Chiba F women’s Volleyball Club World Cup semi-final. The game, Zhu Ting’s performance is still the best team and the audience, the data will not lie. First score. W Keifer Bank: Zhu Ting 23 points, Sloate Jess 10 points, 9 points high – zed Laci 9, Kerr Dahl, Ackerman Hill 8 points, 7 points, 2 points: Naz; Issa Chiba F Boskovic 22, C Sh Leo Va 13, Taisa 12, Larson 10, Aage Ne Aganovich 10 points, Adams 8 branch. There is no doubt that Zhu Ting is the highest scoring player in both teams. Besides efficiency. W Keifer Bank: Zhu Ting 47 buckle 20 3 lost 42%, 2 block 1, Jess 28 10 4 lost 36%, buckle buckle 7 Laci 14, Hill 13 buckle in 5; Issa Chiba F Boskovic 36 17 3 lost 47%, buckle 2 block 3, Larson 26 buckle 8 5 30%, 2, 39 C Sh Leo Va buckle 11 3 lost 28% and 2 bar, 17 Taisa buckle 9 3 loss, 2 stopped 1. We can see that attackefficiency, Zhu Ting with a success rate of 42% in second. Several data together, Zhu Ting is the most perfect. After the semi-final, Zhu Ting has been at the end of the 3 group phase and 1 semi-final, a total of 90 points, the three game was the leading scorer, are the opener against Japan Hisamitsu pharmaceutical 28 points, the second game against Switzerland in Zurich with 31 points, 8 points against Thailand Bangkok glass (only played a board, high efficiency), as well as the game 23 points. Although Zhu Ting attack so perfect play, though Keifer bank has a strong star cast, but their problem is very obvious, such as setting and attack problems, such as in the ball and some of the technical aspects of the problem, such as spot strain problems, these are expected to be in the back the race training be changed gradually. Four games lost two, this is a team aiming to win the team, is not satisfactory, Zhu Ting cannot lose confidence, his teammates should go! Fortunately, this team is very united, but also gave Zhu Ting the greatest trust! Liu, sports columnist. Deep and unique sports reviews, fresh and delicious sports information. Football, basketball, boxing, wrestling, boxing and catch the exciting show. Please pay attention to the universal sports willow public number qntylh819.相关的主题文章: