Young entrepreneurs talk about public interest do business is the greatest public welfare vstart

Young entrepreneurs talk about public service: to do business is the biggest public Sunner chairman Fu Fenfang "since you have a child, when I see the suffering of other children, I can not stand!" When it comes to public welfare, Sunner industries chairman Fu Fenfang says. She is the annual output of more than 20 billion yuan of the country’s largest chicken products company’s young leader, but also the mother of two children. This year, Sunner group and Tencent public cooperation, investment 10 million yuan donation in the Tencent once a year launched "99 day", all for public welfare donation project. For many companies, come up with 10 million yuan into public welfare, is not a small figure. But since 2008, Sunner every year donated 10 million yuan to the Nanping charity federation. In fact, the public from the fragrant gene Sunner Fu father Fu Guangming. In 1983, Fujian Guangze county an ordinary cadres Fu Guangming venture into the sea, in the local village, opened a small farm. Along the way, the domestic chicken products industry giant, has accumulated 1 billion 250 million yuan of social contributions. Whether it is the hometown of raising Sunner demand, or thousands of miles away in Wenchuan, Ya’an is difficult, not an absence of st.. What is the internal cause, so that a company can contribute to such a huge number of selfless income? Compared to the traditional concept of good, the young leader of the public and how to have a unique opinion? The Sunner changed the traditional public participation way, try Internet public, what to consider? 99 Public Day eve, the reporter interviewed Ms. Fu Fenfang. Q: what fate let you try the Internet public? A: I love to run, a chance to discover that there is an item on WeChat called benefit experts, the number of steps per day, you can help others, but also friends and PK rankings. This creative way to participate in the Internet I am impressed by public interest. Last year nine · nine day, my circle of friends is also a variety of public projects scraper. I also frequently in various projects in the Tencent donation donation. So, this year the Tencent find logical. Q: what is the beginning of the heart to promote Sunner good? A: my father is a man of principle. In 1983 before the start of the day, he asked himself to the standard of Party members. He often said to me, whether to do business or life, gratitude is conscientious. Sunner along the way, the main time in gloss. If not the hometown of nourishment and support, where can have today st.. His own good, to lend a hand, is It’s only human. Q: Jobs during apple, never do public service, but does not seem to affect the great Apple Corp. How do you understand the relationship between business and public welfare? A: public welfare, is the public interest, as long as do a lot of people useful things, are public welfare. As a business, I think the greatest public interest is to do a good job. Product is the carrier of social value for every enterprise. Sunner existence value, is to let consumers can get a reasonable price, safe and delicious chicken. From this point of view, I quite understand Jobs. He passed a small cell phone, completely changed the way you live, shopping, taxi, chat, watch the news, participate in public welfare, as long as.相关的主题文章: