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WordPress is the most .mon Content Management System (CMS) used by almost all businesses to meet their web design and development needs. There are a number of reasons why WordPress is the most preferable platform. WordPress, an open source CMS, offers benefits such as user friendliness and helps developers in creating websites at great speed. Developers who are adept at using WordPress acknowledge its benefits as they are familiar with the system than anyone else. Once they use WordPress they find it very tough to switch to other CMS. Even amateur web designers and developers can work on this easy to use open source platform. They can create spectacular websites using this free technology. WordPress was primarily invented for meeting blogging needs. However, owing to its benefits and ease of use made it popular amongst its users. This recognition even attracted corporates to create their website on it. With time, WordPress has introduced advanced plugins and themes that help you meet your web design and development needs. This platform eases content management and serves as the best content management system. Even the business who already have websites want their websites to be recreated using WordPress owing to its high end functionalities. Following are some of the reasons why WordPress is the best amongst all CMS: The main reason why WordPress has gained so much popularity is that it is SEO friendly. Search engines including Yahoo, Google, Bing, Ask etc prefer websites that have been built using WordPress. It can be attributed to convenience in updating and inserting new content on websites using WordPress. Search engines love sites that get updated regularly. Such websites can gain good search engine ranking on different search engines. WP also allows you to install SEO friendly plugins such as Yoast plugin so that you can get improved results. It is very easy to maintain a website created using WordPress. You can just go to the dashboard of your theme and make the required changes as and when and where required. You can change the theme or update some content or page to your website just in a few minutes. In this open source platform, a number of developers contribute their plugins, themes and tutorials. They update these regularly to remain in sync with high end technology. It offers support to its users with a support .munity where developers gather to discuss on various topics. Here, amateur developers can ask questions to experienced developers. When websites were created previously there was a lot of coding involved and it took a lot of time to create the entire website. The person who wished to create the website needed to have profound knowledge of programming languages. However, with the introduction of WP even an amateur developer who has basic knowledge of .puters can design and build attractive and functional websites. The functions and controls in WP are easy to use and deliver quick results to its users. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: