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Why did the Germans deliberately let the children lose at the starting line? Sohu 1 maternal German kindergarten no grade, all ages are mixed together; 2 German schools are part-time, not only in the afternoon, extracurricular activities; 3 grade 3 began to learn English; 4 primary school grade 4 graduation, according to school teacher recommendation, learning technical secondary school, or after university. The liberal arts school. The proportion of College China is not high; No 5 undergraduates (later changed according to EU requirements, or to attend some) graduate students; 6 practice courses, abstract mathematics learning progress at least 2 years later than Chinese. Why 82 million of Germans share half of the Nobel prize in the world? The answer is not too early to develop children’s intelligence. The so-called lose at the starting line is a false proposition, early reading is useless, up to the parents Lele, show off, it seems that their children can be a foreign language than others, will recite poetry and so on, useless! The German constitution forbids preschool education. The number of Nobel prize winners is half of the total. Through the intervention of the state, prohibit the premature development of intelligence for children, to avoid the child’s brain into a hard disk, leaving the child’s brain more imagination. Children in primary school, the only task is to grow up happy. 1 the excessive development of child intelligence thought in Germany only kindergarten children are not allowed to learn professional knowledge, later found on the primary school children are not extra courses, even if the child’s IQ than their peers. From Cologne, Sandra wrote: my son is 7 years old this year, I proposed to the school teacher, will teach him something extra, because when he was 5-6 years old at home on their own to calculate the basic reading, writing and simple maths. The teacher objected and said: "you should keep your child in sync with other children.". Once again I went to see the teacher after a week, and show the child high IQ certificate, hope to get her understanding and support, but the teacher with a strange eyes looked at me, seemed to me like the alien from others. The teacher then explained that the child’s intellectual development is not a good thing, because the brain must be left to the imagination of the child. Too much knowledge makes the child’s brain into the computer’s hard disk, this continues, the child’s brain slowly became memory, not active thinking. Nevertheless, I am not aware of Germany’s ban on preschool education. In order to understand this problem, I specifically asked the German education, they let me find the basic law to see. Open the Federal Republic of Germany "basic law" (that is, the Constitution), I was shocked. Seventh of which are clearly defined in the sixth paragraph, the prohibition of the establishment of pre school (Vorschule). I still do not understand why the German constitution so that they have to consult the relevant education experts. They tell me that the only task for a child in elementary school is to grow up happily. Because the child’s nature is to play, so do things in line with the nature of the child, and should not be contrary to the child’s growth..相关的主题文章: