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Vacation-Rentals Those short business trips that you make every month end up adding thousands to your travel expenses and often you find yourself wanting more from your hotel and feel cheated of your money! This is not un.mon; many around the world, especially businessmen or people on short visits out of their home towns today prefer apartment hotels or service apartments over traditional hotels why you ask? Lets take a look. Variety in options Pune, one of the most thriving cities in India with a vibrant professional population that works in the countless MNCs situated in Pune, besides business has been at the core of the city. Thanks to Punes importance as a business location, it attracts visitors from around the nation. Most invariably choose hotels and other traditional forms of ac.modation but an ever increasing number of visitors who have had unpleasant experiences with hotels seek something different and apartment hotels in Pune suits them just fine. The best thing about these apartments is that there is a lot to choose from. Ideal Locations A big downside of hotels is that the better ones are almost always full of guests all the year round and those that are empty are empty because of their crappy locations. It does not make sense to stay far removed from your intended location and travel long distances each time. Travel time apart, there is expenses to worry about! If you can, avoid these hotels and go for service apartments in Pune which are ideally located and give you every .fort of a good hotel. Privacy Privacy is not just for celebrities, everyone needs to keep his or her life and affair veiled from the public eye. Hotels are more or less public places. There are always people walking in and out, waiters and room service people stepping in your room to clean up and provide service its not the most private experience. If someone wanted, he or she could easily find out a lot about you. Even asking the maid about your times of getting in or out of your room will let people know your routine, which is the last thing you would want. There is always a better option to staying at hotels, one that will keep your private life private. A apartment hotels in Pune should definitely be on your list of things if you value your privacy more than anything else. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: