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Grandpa Pullover where "soil" lead: not only warm warm man in action, too warm to wear. (from: GQ man network) with some ancient taste of men’s origin or popular fuse, almost one big Duke of windsor. After abandoning the sportswear that began in 1900s, and changing into a lightweight, loose sweater, the warm, soft sweater swept under the idol effect to working-class, aristocratic society. Beauty in front of everyone equal. Grandpa’s sweater, where the earth is not so expensive cashmere, and other materials to warm – wool sweater sweater is the most common, the oldest existing. Compared to the thin cardigan Kehou when jackets, pullovers more like personal clothing, or as insulation supplies between shirt and coat. Even so, they did not give up fine fashion highlight the needs of self – V appearance rate is much higher than the T-shirt, become synonymous with "fiery youth"; brown, gray, brown, orange, bright yellow blue, blue, green and other colors and full of youthful spirit, square, sawtooth, flower this lattice, diamond pattern and stripes and other decorative elements are a sweater. Until the late 20s of last century, these various patterns began to shrink, the color of the stitching tends to soft.   the pattern of every hue began to shrink, the color mosaic tends to be soft and can be set in a bright coquettish V neck sweater, sweater more simplicity, if combined with soft color, is more gentle. Do not you see everyone wanted to be a mad cool handsome Holmes, but him who is wearing a grey sweater m loyal military, is the real man. Howlin ‘sweater of traditional craft and modern to the interesting combination of Scotland pure wool woven fabric fluffy, white and blue and grey sweater trim, looks elegant leisure. Straight with Shanghai blue will not have a taste. Howlin new spell edge wool sweater beige color sweater classic all-match, waffle pattern and elastic knitted cotton sweater comfortable with slim effect. White color sweater classic all-match if not love color rich color, woven sweater pattern of Aboriginal customs is also an essential part of a single product. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi woven various geometric patterns in the above maroon sweater collar, cuffs and chest line, eye-catching but not exaggerated, visual and increase the effect of shoulder. Even if you don’t love the color rich color, woven with a pattern of Aboriginal customs sweater is an indispensable classic single product of the lozenge not only can produce refined and cultured, the dazzling burst effect. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi will be blue, gray and bright fire red lattice stitching, in the dark blue V sweater to create a coquettish flame effect.   classic lozenge can more than green and grey in color low-key spell refined and cultured a lot, stitching two neutral colors make sweaters in the fun at the same time, the real all-match has less wear相关的主题文章: