When the vehicle speed exceeds 100kmh what function will fail on the car (video)-cashmere mafia

When the vehicle speed exceeds 100km h when the car which would cause failure of the vehicle is the wrong oil whose over speeding is the most common cause of traffic accidents, and in addition to the driver’s response, but also the performance of the brake, and some car configuration failure. Because the vehicle speeding, especially when the speed exceeds 100km h, part of the configuration function will fail on the car, which is difficult to ensure the safety of driving. 1, reducing the steering wheel sensitivity in the speed of more than 100km h, the steering wheel of the vehicle and the wheel will be set to a larger steering gear ratio, although it can improve vehicle stability. But at the same time, steering sensitivity will be substantially reduced, once the emergency situation, want to quickly swerved more difficult, easy to cause traffic accidents. 2, the electronic handbrake button (EPB) failure under normal circumstances, when the vehicle speed exceeds 100km h, will EPB system on the vehicle failure, but failure is also improving the safety of driving. Because the EPB is connected to the parking brake of the computer, at a faster speed, the brake will switch off the computer EPB, even if the car is not careful to press this switch, you can also protect the safety of driving. 3, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) metal parts in TPMS system in high speed rotating axle causes greater magnetic field, and when the speed reaches 100km h, can produce greater magnetic field, so that part of the car’s sensors is disturbed, at the same time to send a signal receiver, the receiver can not receive the correct result signal. If the tire to nails or other causes of inza tire pressure is reduced, because the TPMS system has failed, unable to send the right signals. At this time the driver did not know the change in tire pressure, continue to speed, then the security risks are very large. So, please do not exceed the speed limit, it is best to control the speed of the vehicle in the 100km h, is the safest.相关的主题文章: