Wei Chen exposes double 11 to his girlfriend empty shopping cart he bought a hard drive yuria

Wei Chen admit to his girlfriend 11 double empty shopping cart he only bought hard disk data for Wei Chen Tencent (the core video entertainment news ran Wang Dong) in November 11th, CHI ZHANG (relaxation) spring 2017 release show was held in Beijing, Wei Chen, Bao Chunlai and other stars love, and many are Master, bloggers gathered back to the scene. The scene, Wei Chen in an interview revealed that they remain in the double eleven "chop hand, no reason" to buy two mobile hard disk, for my new book." When asked if he would empty the shopping cart for his girlfriend, Wei Chen smiled and replied, "yes," a single dog! On the evening of 11 to 8 points, the designer relaxation of spring 2017 release show opening, with the scene of dazzling light changes, the models are stepping into the crowd of interactive music. Relaxation, the 2017 spring and summer series symbolizes the love and freedom, so I make models show freedom to show the way in the crowd, "every XiuGuan guests are masters of the show, everyone can follow the model on T stage, enjoy this feast." That night, Wei Chen, love, Bao Chunlai and other stars also specifically back to the scene for this fashion show. In an interview, Wei Chen was asked whether he would double in eleven on the occasion for his girlfriend empty shopping cart, he suddenly reveals masculinity, domineering replied: "will!" Sprinkle with a dog. As everyone knows, Wei Chen and his girlfriend in the Wei of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music students, courtship 9 years, although in the circle of fans already not a secret, but until last year by the media exposure of love. At that time, the two were photographed by the media in Wei Chen’s home cooking, sweet embrace. The paparazzi forced public affair, Wei Chen and his girlfriend broke the low-key life. Wei Chen was very angry, micro-blog has rebuked the paparazzi father-in-law. But for love, he used "every normal life are the same, openly admit the existence of his choice. While his girlfriend is to delete all micro-blog, leaving only one: "we always give others hurt yourself, behind her boyfriend and popular slobber war. But a series of actions did not dampen netizens gossip enthusiasm, then Wei Chen and his girlfriend to marry Wei has traced. But this time the two reaction is not too intense, at that time, Wei Chen brokerage company Tian Yu even said that Wei Chen’s parents are very traditional, have been urging him to get married, it is understood that Wei Chen has been married to. Wei Chen himself also felt that the phenomenon of idols do not need ‘hidden marriage’, he also has plans to marry. It is revealed that Wei Chen is currently the founder of the personal brand, his girlfriend is the company’s supervisors, can be described as a good boyfriend entertainment oh!相关的主题文章: