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Over the weekend, with your lover to Phoenix Lake simply fly – tourism Sohu Phoenix Lake Park, an open city park, on the west side of the lake stands a eighteen meters high, prominent lines of simple design, characteristics of the Phoenix City — the main sculpture. It is a landmark style this southern town of phoenix. So, a small partner and a pleasant trip here in the United States together a shadow, the right to a tour according to the. Lake surrounded by wetlands, surrounded by hydrophilic platform. Sitting on a bench by the lake, overlooking the other side of Lantau Peak and the Qing temple. So, the partners in this play small plane aerial, a girl with a dog to the lake, there are people in the wild, fun open boats on the lake. Come just to catch up with the sun when the sun shining, only a little along the lake for a walk, can feel very beautiful lake. Cross-strait fangcaoqiqi, from time to time there is a bunch of a bunch of fresh and gorgeous jump shots is a two flower, or unknown flowers, or flowers and scattered trees in wild bone, wagging or swarms of lavender, glittering in the lake, we go to Yan Qiao unwilling to remain out of the limelight. But we still recommend about the favorite sunset male god goddess to the lake walk, it is believed that the sun from five at the beginning of the convergence of the dazzling light, along the skyline of the west. At this time visitors scarce, open shore, breeze slowly, beautiful lake. Wait until the month Liushao head, the lake is a cool. On both sides of the neon lights, night blurred,. Don’t waste time. The ideal setting for a couple in love, there are thousands of style and the person said, and listen to the love of man Meihua Yan Ying Liu sing ~ sound to the world, and the spring charming smile I also put love in the sky. As the same as the light separation Phoenix fly free in the sky the same as singer good treasure this a beautiful evening and cherish the youth not to live up to the lake on the streamer Phoenix Phoenix habitat, yes, even to the "single." well meaning, you should be with a total efficiency Yufeizhile, to go. If everyone is a travel, after eating a meal, a walk to the digestion. Old people are tired of walking in the shade Pavilion, the children and the cheerful peal of laughter in the lake, you and your sweetheart stroll hand in hand, what at the moment of peace as soaking in the lake in the gentle time would make you feel happy.相关的主题文章: