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Wang Likun "new clothes" change "workplace Black Rose" help public Sohu "entertainment goddess makeup" Wang Likun Wang Likun "goddess of home" Wang Likun "my new clothes" entertainment Sohu jointly produced by the Oriental TV, hualubaina, blue flame, Lin Chiling, Wang Likun, Wu Xin, Zhang Li and other goddesses join to help out Star straddling fashion variety show "my new clothes", the Saturday night will usher in the second period, the theme of "design pattern" workplace dress, makeup goddess Wang Likun designers to create the next incarnation of "career black roses", "flower show cross-border catwalk career lady fan children" at the same time, with strong comprehensive strength. Wang Likun "new clothes" change "workplace Black Rose Cross T Xiu exhibition comprehensive strength of" my new clothes "premiere last week that with reputation ratings champion throne. "The goddess makeup" Wang Likun T Taiwan first show elegant retro queen Fan Er on the spot four brilliant surprise, so buyers couldn’t help but take out more than 100 million clothing auction! It is reported that the upcoming broadcast of the program on Saturday, the host will ask the designer and goddess around the fashion workplace dress theme for the design. The first phase of the brisk performance "makeup goddess Wang Likun, will become the" workplace Black Rose "in the second phase of the program, bring the figure style show, open up a fresh outlook the workplace find everything fresh and new. Wang Likun cross the border to take the T platform, bluntly that he is not a professional, can only try to show their expertise from the show, dance and other aspects of the show. In order to show clothing, do not live up to the designer’s efforts, Wang Likun will be recording gap to other goddess ask catwalk experience serious attention. It is reported that after the stage show, Su Yan goddess will be performances, dance, dance and other elements of the elements into the T show, the stage show can be described as a wonderful. In the exclamation "Kun brother" serious work at the same time, to praise the comprehensive strength. Wang Likun "new clothes" for the designer to help public voice full of warm heart "my new clothes" in the new upgrade, starting from the charity, each issue of the "goddess clothes" auction proceeds to charity. Wang Likun since his debut was very focused on charity, green environmental protection, practice of their own understanding of public environmental protection: solid waste recycling, resource utilization, pay attention to green travel. Su Yan goddess of public interest in environmental protection action and charity program starting point fit. The program requires the participation Goddess Costume design, Wang Likun said more professional opinions in respect to the designer, in the clothing design designer one hundred percent trusted partner, own more responsible for the stage show, T shows part of the show, to the greatest degree of good clothing exhibition. A critical eye and face challenge, "the goddess makeup" behind the scene sound partner, support the original design itself, the expression of designer clothing design intentions and enthusiasm to the audience, praised the warm heart full. Ten this Saturday night together for Wang Likun in the new phase of the program’s performance!相关的主题文章: