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Wang Jianlin set goals you can never give the child! (original) – Sohu, the maternal parent-child mental division Xu Jingying (original) this network two days the hottest keywords is the "target", Chinese’s richest man, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said, don’t set goals to set small goals, such as making one hundred million. In this regard, a variety of online spoof, a variety of tucao. In fact, Wang Jianlin said the small target is to become the richest man, a step by step to complete the goal, a touch to the target, the next big bluntly, is to carry out the planning of life. The richest man to plan? Silk also want, whose life is not mocked, your life will be on your own! However, parents are often out of bounds, jumped into the backseat driver on the runway of life, children planning, as can be imagined, the final results are often not only children can’t finish our goal, and no self-confidence, less assertive, at a loss, The loss outweighs the gain. But, the child no target is absolutely not ah, parents how to use force field, to help children establish the goal? Help children find inner strength to tell the children to listen to the heart of the potential call, tell TA, everyone is the one and only in the world of the individual, everyone is a treasure, as human being, to wake up and find the hidden in the body of the special mission. And the role of parents, is to help TA find this mission, mining inner strength. Tell the child, the power that every man is irreplaceable, can not rely on any external to long-term support; to find their internal and external resources, into their own resources, quietly bearish outside, outside keep a normal heart. Tell your child that life is not a game designed by someone else, but a journey of discovery. Only rely on their own step by step to walk, will not be able to face the road without a loss. Help children develop plans, rather than setting goals for children who often carry the dreams of their parents. Most of the parents who set the target is a kind of "identity expectations, let the children do the" human ", most children have much interest, and the needs of children, is a specific, vivid, shock," child child heart taste "action. Therefore, our role is not to help children develop goals, but to help TA develop plans. In the child’s journey of self discovery, help to arrange a reasonable time, can not act with undue haste or slow lag, and in providing timely help. Different ages have different goals, said Wang Jianlin, want to do the richest man to develop different goals, so is the child’s growth, different age groups have different goals. Early childhood children still can not talk about the goal, but personality training must start. Parents should encourage their imagination, make them full of confidence, know the truth, and expect to grow up; and learning stage, children often target more erratic and unstable, there will be great changes after the passage of time, it is because of t!相关的主题文章: