Wang Chaoge through the real masterpiece, see also Dunhuang tourism Sohu – first exposure k-boxing

Wang Chaoge through the real masterpiece, "and Dunhuang" – the first exposure to the Dunhuang tourism Sohu in Mogao Grottoes the only way which must be passed on the steep that piece cannot be described the shape of the blue crystal, it is under the background of the Gobi desert, like a fairyland. This is director Wang Chaoge’s latest work, "see Dunhuang" with "a drop of water in the desert" as a creative concept design, time-consuming nearly two years to build the exclusive theater. From the beginning of September 20th, a large indoor scene drama "see Dunhuang" will become a must pass through the landscape of Dunhuang, the future will also become a new cultural card Gansu. See also "Dunhuang" is "Silk Road Economic Belt" to jointly promote the Gansu Province Economic and cultural development, one of the important projects, by the Gansu imperial Cultural Tourism Investment Co. Ltd., the famous director Wang Chaoge to create a joint team in September 20th, the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo debut has been the world’s attention. Wang Chaoge once said that she does not need, only heard. Indeed, the performance of real artists created a precedent, with 9 of her "impression" series and the 3 "see also" series of works, constantly exploring new cultural ecology, so she also forged a strong and distinctive personal brand. The name "Wang Chaoge" means subversion and innovation. In the vast boundless silk road legend, she will capture what kind of story to the interpretation of this era to the audience to watch to experience, is a full of suspense and let people full of expectations. As a matter of fact, it is a great challenge for Wang Chaoge to take over Dunhuang, because she has set up a task which is almost impossible for her. Since literary works began to show Dunhuang, mostly concentrated in the people’s love and hate, but in Wang Chaoge’s view, before 2100 this one to the Rome road to Changan, there are so many races, religions, people, after such a long time, it should be epic. "So they decided to do the work, I will put yourself on a blind alley, I want to do is an epic of Dunhuang, rather than a person of Dunhuang. I think I could hardly succeed, exhaustive, too, but I still feel I should try, I think I can not be lazy, not a shortcut, I just want to be with this a little bit of confidence, go over there." Wang Chaoge knows, the results of the epic challenge, may also be defeated. To achieve success and win recognition of the people, no one is willing to throw yourself into the abyss. Prior to this, she has invited tuiju face more than three times, but eventually decided to take, because the invitation of a sentence touched her, "we need a work in Gansu, we Dunhuang need a work, this work is not entirely for tourists or to say Dunhuang tourism people, I want to give our future generations to see." This sentence may seem simple, but in Wang Chaoge’s mind, she thought, "Mogao Grottoes one day will be like a sand like broken, everything will return to dust, everything was quiet, all things disappear what is left? Silk.相关的主题文章: