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Basic Pop Singing Lessons By: Sarah Tan | Feb 17th 2016 – Pop singing is more popular than other styles of singing. This is because most people want to be able to sing like their favorite stars or copy what they hear regularly on the radio. There is also a misconception that pop is easy. Learning pop vocals is probably easier than something like opera singing or Broadway singing, … Tags: How To Gain Exposure After Taking Pop Singing Lessons By: Sarah Tan | Sep 16th 2015 – There is more and more space for pop singing these days. From making videos for the internet to playing at the local pub, there are more opportunities today than ever before. If the .petition is fierce, so are the openings available to budding artistes. If you want to get into pop singing classes with the view of working … Tags: Quick Pointers Before You Start Your Pop Singing Lessons By: Stacy Tan | Jul 10th 2015 – In singing, natural talent is one of the important elements to have. There are people who are just really born to sing. However, this talent must be polished and continually honed, and the best way to perfect your singing voice is to go for pop singing lessons. Tags: How Pop Singing Lessons Could Help You Prepare For Singing Contests (part 2 Of 2) By: Sarah Tan | Apr 26th 2015 – If you were to conduct a survey among a group of professional pop singers, there is a high probability that majority have joined singing contests. Building confidence is one of the best takeaways from a singing contest experience. Pop singing classes are not all about vocal techniques. It also provides you with the proper t … Tags: Stretch Your Vocals At Singing Schools By: Pamelina Siow | Jun 17th 2011 – Having a glass-cracking voice can be so depressing sometimes. It is as if you want to the rock the world with your singing only to realize afterwards that you are rocking it the wrong way. You dream to be a star but unfortunately, your light is turning on and off when you start hitting the notes. Tags: What To Expect From Vocal Training Lessons By: Pamelina Siow | Feb 9th 2010 – Almost everyone loves to sing, and I bet you do too. It lifts up your mood instantly, without much effort on your part. It is a great and productive way to show your emotions. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with the voice of Mariah Carey or Andrea Bocelli. Tags: How To Find The Right Professional Voice Teacher By: Pamelina Siow | Feb 9th 2010 – Finding the perfect professional voice teacher in Singapore is not that simple. That’s because the teacher’s talent in singing isn’t the only thing you’re looking for here. There are many people who are great at singing but suck at teaching it. Tags: Tips For Selecting Singing Lessons For Kids By: Pamelina Siow | Feb 9th 2010 – The best advice that a professional in the music industry can give you, is to choose a vocal teacher or singing lessons for kids with care. This is really more easily said than done because there are several key factors you need to investigate when trying to find a good singing coach. Tags: Benefits Of Classical Singing Training By: Pamelina Siow | Jan 31st 2010 – Because of the beauty of singing, it is one of the favorite pastimes of people around the world. People sing everywhere: house, school, church, etc. It’s enjoyable and brings up the spirit of everyone around. There are different genres of singing these days. Tags: 相关的主题文章: