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Marketing Unique content: it is heart of the website. Visitor always try to find unique content and avoid duplicate content. Search engine also reject the duplicate content which shows in last search. Keywords: right keyword in right place is most important for huge trafficking. It is very important to get visitors and keyword related ad websites. Two techniques called manual keyword research and software based keyword research. Title tags: title tag is very important to the website. Most of the visitors read only titles, if it is not related to their article, then they will skip into another websites. So title is very important. Search engine also check the h1 tag to the articles. Meta tags: it will give more detailed information about the website to search engine. it gives information like websites description author name, address, location, copyright protection to the search engine. Meta description tags: it contains summary of the websites. During the search result search engine shows the Meta description to the visitors. Alt tags: search engine cannot read the images. So alt tags will help to give details about the image. Sometimes due to website loading problem, image cannot be loaded properly. That time alt tag shows the details of the image to the visitors. Friendly URL: it helps visitors to find the article or document easily. Visitors can easily memorize the URL and .e back to that URL easily. Internal link: it will make good navigation to the visitors and search engine. So that visitor can stay long hour in website and surf different pages. External link: it is very important to the websites. It will give more importance to the search engine to getting higher page rank. Sitemaps submit: it is the .plete layout of the website. Sitemap are two types, one is for visitors called HTML sitemaps, and second one is for robots or search engine called XML sitemaps. By HTML visitors can surf whole websites. By XML search engine can get all the information about the websites. Off-page SEO: This includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting in open directories, search engines, link exchange, directory submission, article submission, press release submission. (It can be done anywhere, ) E.g. link- building which means that building a link to your page from the other Off-page SEO checklist: Always start with keywords, research, testing and selection. Use keywords in link anchor text. Target a large list of keywords. Obtain link from the higher ranking publisher sites. Various Off-pages SEO techniques: Search engine submission: this is very important task of the off-page SEO. Our website cannot be found unless submission of web pages into search engine. Visitors also unable to find our website. So, important task is to submit our website into search engine like Google, yahoo, Alta-vista Bing etc. after submitting your website to the search engine, you should wait some days for indexing website. Article submission: this is one of the techniques where visitors can read our article in other websites and get interested to visit our sites. We can submit our article in various search engines. Never submit the same article in the different sites. .munity creation in social networking sites: Recently search engines are giving more importance to the social networking activities and collect the information e.g. Google pluses, facebook .ments. We can create the Google fan page, facebook fan page in your websites. Forum posting: it is huge traffic websites and we can submit our website link in different forum. Directory submission: we can submit our website link in different directories to get better traffic. Always choose the high ranked directories otherwise it will affect our website rank. Social bookmarking: where we can share the URL link with lots of people. Link exchange: this is another technique to get more visitors to our websites. It is just like the mutual .mitment between two administrators for publishing the link on his websites. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – The brand brings the customers in, the food brings them back. Chris Muller, PH. D. Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Ess … 相关的主题文章: