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Urumqi city defense of air pollution control group   the key in "Lian" – Xinjiang Channel – people.com.cn 13, held in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ukraine (Lu Muqi) – Chang (Ji) – (Shi He Zi), Kui (Tun) – (-) – Ukraine alone (Su) and other air pollution prevention and control of key areas will be mobilized Urumqi city group, to further promote the joint prevention and control of air pollution in winter. (held in Xinjiang, Urumqi Changji stone, Wu Kui alone in key areas such as atmospheric pollution prevention and control mobilization) in social stability and long period of stability under the guidance of the overall goal, the autonomous region development firmly establish the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, put forward to achieve good ecological environment in Xinjiang as "four" efforts to achieve "one," "to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, the construction of the beautiful Xinjiang as an important content of the six aspects of work, to ensure the Xinjiang blue sky and green water. As one of the 10 city national key construction group, the development of Wu Chang – rock group, inject vitality into the core area of the Silk Road Economic construction. However, in the process of social transformation, the problem of air pollution caused by the extensive economic growth mode has shown significant regional characteristics. Air pollution can be transmitted over a long distance cross administrative boundaries, so only from the angle of administrative division into a single city air pollution prevention and control, it is difficult to be solved from the "root". To carry out the city even between inter provincial regional joint prevention and control of air pollution, it is an effective means to solve regional air pollution problem. With the Xinjiang around the country have entered a new heating season, a new round of battle air pollution control work. Affected by the weather, terrain and other factors, in the northern slope of Tianshan economic belt of Wu Chang – Shi Hekui – alone – Ukraine area, will face a more severe form of air pollution. To promote regional joint prevention and control of atmospheric pollution comprehensive management mode is imperative. Do the joint prevention and control, focus on "prevention" and "control", "the key is in". In taking concrete measures and measures, we need to focus on "relevance". Air pollution control, the most direct and most immediate way is to close the source of pollution. But it turns out that this one size fits all approach is neither realistic nor scientific. Only multi pronged, long and comprehensive measures, in order to find the optimum path of pollution control. Previously, in order to effectively implement the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development plan", Tianjin and surrounding areas specially formulated "the implementation of air pollution control action plan implementation details", strengthening the "relevance" of pollution control means. Shown in the report released the day before the Ministry of environmental protection "the first three quarters of 2016 and September and the 74 key areas of air quality in the city", the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region 13 city before the three quarter average good days ratio of 60.8%, an increase of 8.4 percentage points. Obviously Duocuobingju treatment effect. In various departments, different regions of cooperation, we need to focus on "linkage". "Minding" can be said to be in the implementation of joint prevention and control of pollution control strategy, a vivid description of all localities and departments to "coordinated operations". Objectively speaking, different departments, not)相关的主题文章: