UNESCO experts gathered in Mount Huangshan on the sustainable development of heritage list in Beijin sichen

Held in Mount Huangshan on Sustainable Development – list of heritage Beijing News Agency in Mount Huangshan in September 12, UNESCO experts (Zhang Qiang) the second session of the UNESCO list of heritage and sustainable development of Mount Huangshan in Anhui Province on the 12 day dialogue will be held in Huangshan City. This dialogue will attract including UNESCO (UNESCO), 37 international organizations or institutions, the International Council on Monuments and sites of Natural Protection Alliance and international organizations, 42 international organizations and 9 foreign officials list of heritage sites and institutions, 52 foreign guests, 18 Chinese heritage list or institutions and 102 guests in Chinese. The dialogue will focus on climate change, sustainable development of space technology to carry out research and exchange, in 3 days time will be held in the 9 conference and seminar, a total of 40 keynote reports. Among them, including the theme of the United Nations’ 2030 agenda for sustainable development and UNESCO heritage role, sharing the world’s 17 list of heritage conservation management experience. The United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization, director of the international natural and cultural heritage Space Center China academician Guo Huadong said, Chinese attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, and has to deal with climate change, and other environmental protection measures in the development of national economic and social planning in five years. Chinese proposed to promote international cooperation in the "The Belt and Road" initiative to help "The Belt and Road along the country to achieve economic growth based on low carbon and green. Of UNESCO’s World Heritage Center, said his, in the global scope, climate change is threatening the outstanding universal value of the world heritage. As a result, UNESCO is seeking a broad range of technical partners to help them monitor climate change and encourage scientists and administrators in the world heritage site to try new climate change mitigation strategies. Cao Jinghua, director of the Bureau of international cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2011, China established the International Center for natural and cultural heritage. Today, the center has been involved in Kampuchea, Brazil and Italy and other countries in the construction of heritage projects. At the same time, the center also held a variety of international conferences, training courses to help UNESCO World Heritage sites in the least developed countries in Asia and africa. It is understood that the UNESCO World Heritage list, the world’s three largest biosphere reserve and the world geological park. Up to now, the total number of world heritage sites in the United Nations is 1052, which is distributed in 165 countries, the world’s biosphere reserve, the World Geopark, and the 669 one. It is reported that the Mount Huangshan dialogue will be organized by UNESCO World Heritage Centre for natural and cultural heritage, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of remote sensing and digital earth. During the session, the time and place of the Mount Huangshan initiative and the next dialogue will also be discussed. (end)相关的主题文章: