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Travel to Bayannaoer to worship and make up the brain "million in the Yellow River the first gate" – Sohu Wen Ke Er (Xinjiang tourism Tuller road nineteen in Inner Mongolia with the car) and the weather is unpredictable. We in the Western Grand Canyon tour dream banner of Alashan is vigorously, a billowing clouds come thick and fast. This canyon is nowhere to hide from the rain, everybody xianshibumiao hurriedly retreat, just to the parking lot, the Rain Parade, wiper have the gear, good suspension. It has been raining, the canyon also visit the seven or eight points, so we went in the rain to the distance from the nearest city Canyon — Bayannaoer Dengkou county. Overnight here is not because the nearest distance, but also in order to get a glimpse of the legendary "million in the Yellow River the first gate". Three Sheng public works on the 80, 90, it is estimated that quite strange. This project was built in the most difficult period after the founding of new China, in June 5, 1959 started construction, completed in May 1961. To participate in the construction of water conservancy construction, in addition to more than twenty thousand troops, tens of thousands of people in the tank. What is the most difficult period of new China? Is the older generation often said that the "food off" period. It is not hard to imagine the difficulty of building the project. Under the conditions of the hot and difficult to build three public water conservancy project, it is proved that the birth of the new China life. May wish to take a look at how important it is: this project area 55.3 km of the the Yellow River shore, belonging to the upper reaches of the Yellow River, accounting for the entire basin of the the Yellow River river of 1%. This project is the only one in the Yellow River to irrigation based on a dam type water control project, called Wanli the Yellow River first gate". The hub built completely over Hetao Irrigated Area of China Drought diversion difficult, water flow with beach "in history. This hub irrigation area of nearly 10 million acres, is the largest irrigation area in Asia, the first diversion project. Hetao irrigation district is one of the famous three large irrigation areas in China, is the country’s major grain and non-staple food production base, known as the "frontier granary" — know three Sheng Gong position. Three see Shenggong water conservancy project distribution, this project is located in Bayannaoer, Alashan and Ordos interchange, a total area of nearly 130 square kilometers, of which, Alashan province accounted for nearly 51.6 square kilometers, accounting for 40% of the project area, Ordos County occupies 35.3 square kilometers, accounting for 32.7% of the area of Bayannaoer, the territory of 35.3 square kilometers, accounting for the area of 27.3%. The core area of Engineering in the territory of Dengkou County, Bayannaoer and Erdos hangjinqi. The Yellow River River and coastal wetland area around 55.3 kilometers, on the west side (left) is the Ulanbuh Desert, East (right) is Ordos platform, Helan mountain, Yinshan and Hetao Plain respectively in the north and South ends. Taking Bayannaoer County of Dengkou in the Yellow River the first million gate "as a leader, to establish a local Water Conservancy Scenic Area (similar to Gezhouba scenic area). In the scenic area, for half a century, the unceasing elimination of heavy industry, machinery, electronic equipment, is to give life a variety of simulation, people laughing — — — — — — — — — the journey by teammates – aerial video screenshot相关的主题文章: