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Business Learn and Get More with Backlinks SEO or Search Engine Optimization is .posed of many strategies. One of them is backlinking. What exactly is backlinking? We can tell from the name itself. It is the link,back to our site or one of our pages. It is one of the quickest way to gain more traffic to our website. There are a lot of ways to gain back links and one just have to know what are they as well as how to achieve them. 1.)Article submissions. Writing good content about your chosen niche would help in gaining back links? How? When we make articles we can submit them to various article directories like ezine articles wherein we can put the links that would direct readers of our articles to our site. So, proper positioning of the links also matters in order for the readers to see it at first glance. We can put it on the top and bottom part of our articles. 2.)Press Releases. We can also add our URLs to press releases, many people view this press releases and a great way to earn more visitors to our websites. 3.)Forum Postings. We can also participate in related forums wherein we can join discussions as well as promote our links, but of course we should not make it too obvious that we are trying to promote our links. After which we can get signature links in these forums. 4.)Blog .ments/Blogroll. Add or leave .ments on related blogs, it is one way of sharing links within the niche .munity that we are in. 5.)Social .working Sites. One can simply add their links, people who are interested can simply click on it. Tagging more people to view the link as well as inviting more friends can also help. 6.)Bookmarking. We can also join social bookmarking sites. A new way to tag and bookmark our links. Thereby increasing more links to the site and its pages. Those were the following ways in order to gain links. One thing to remember is to avoid spamming. Sometimes, if we push too hard just to gain back links, certain sites can ban us for spamming which can give more harm than benefit. So, we have to make sure that what we have is the best quality. Nothing can be thrown upon us if we know that we only have the best. Let us give our best shot in earning quality back links. We have to make sure that our website and all areas affecting it are doing good. Make sure that the links are not broken and can direct back to the site itself in order to drive more traffic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: