The world needs a hero! — — October new broadcasting

The world needs a hero! October – the new broadcast mention hero, you must first time to think of flying super ability, Daguai black technology, however, is not the Savior of awe-inspiring righteousness is the hero. The hero may be to sister at dresser’s brother, may also be a hero in the face of bullying as you step forward and classmates, hero even in the eyes of others is to help you hateful appearance monster…… Penguin mother specially presented this month’s new work, take you to know these different heroes. Cut back the werewolf evil forces? Just incarnation? — not necessarily…… Super hero worship Reynolds has been an ordinary courier, but inadvertently involved in the fatal disaster, all this turned out to be behind you’ve been idolized Superman?! The dog girl Comic ID 545451 heroes ComicInfo index: Samsung half hero declaration: protecting dog, sell adorable two not mistake chaos in the town forest there is a let children afraid of the "dog" and the owner leaves with run amuck, it is this town like alien. One day the dog and do bad things when they encounter a cold boy, and the boy was accidentally linked with the last leaf…… The Comic ComicInfo node ID 545193 index: Samsung hero hero semi declaration: Lolita is difficult, must reach out to help what? Instruments have a human form? Are you kidding? It is not good to say after the founding of the fine? Oh, you are all before…… And so on this topic seems to be a little biased! Anyway, my name is Xiao Qin, and this is the healing story between me and the instrument. In addition to the Comic ComicInfo ID 544143 index firm Hero: Samsung half hero declaration: Finding& Helping, principal; solve difficult flower lovely cat lost. Alone she began looking unsuccessfully for several days, aimlessly search cat method in the network, accidentally saw a search advertising firm. She went to ask for help, but did not expect the accident into the "Exorcist" lotus and run the world! New life miserable but surprisingly began ~ ComicInfo ID 544826 moron agent Comic hero index: three stars: Hero declaration subpar, but I wanted to be a good spy "I fail the exam, my pig teammates, I kicked off my colleagues legs, but I know I am a good special." This is a secret agent called circle stirring stick girl Boni to promotion and salary raise served as CEO, marry tall, rich and handsome,, onto the pinnacle of life story!! OK Comic ComicInfo ID 544723 hero King index: three star hero declaration: the demons run amok, for disaster in eastern The people are destitute. banditry, flat evil on the journey is called a hell on earth, in order to solve the problem, according to the "ghost Bu Yue Wang Tianshi" plan, the palace secret sent two people to the Eastern Mountain King, the poison, and the weather and upon the moon launched a clear Eastern evil adventure…… Tian Fang Fang Sheng ComicInfo ID Comic 5!相关的主题文章: