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The rain, the city of Marseille fly – Sohu (BARDELONA) to travel from Barcelona to Marseille (MARSEILLE) from the sea. After a night of sailing, the next morning arrived at the port of Marseille, France’s largest port city, the beginning of the fifth tour of the Mediterranean tour. Wake up, the ship docked at the pier. The night of rain poured wet deck. The Mediterranean before the half, the weather has been sunny blue sky and white clouds, a few days down, breathing the fresh air in the negative ion of the Mediterranean, so accustomed to the haze of a fresh state, Bel cool, seems to change the lung like. The rhythm of the rain, perhaps is to let people feel from the "dry" to "another air quality experience washing". The rain crackling hit the umbrella, with a heavy rain to Marseille from afar we welcome. The "water city" known for AIKE, formerly the capital of Provence, it is said that Provence is the best place to only half an hour’s drive from the pier. AIKE, the old city, is the first stop we just visit Marseille in the rain. Through AIKE, the old city bustling market, high streets and back lanes, stalls selling local products of all kinds of lavender products, a superb collection of beautiful things, flowers, honey soap, Sachet, oil, sugar, biscuits and so on, and try to eat free pastries, feeling very lively, popular, do not understand the dialect as one falls, another rises and friendly smiling face, adhering to the traditional style of the original. If it is not a rainy day mobility, it should be said that AIKE is a good place to have a story. The old city, there are many such springs. The shopkeeper let you taste the free cake Street residents can use the access card payment of a small ad girl guard at the city hall in front of the police, the two street downtown Marseille Longchamp palace Palais Longchamp built in the reign of Napoleon III, the overall style of Baroque, Rome oriental architecture and financial integration. See from the front is very shocking, in order to build a canal built Memorial in the reservoir at the top of the palace, had been as Napoleon III of the palace, now turned into a museum, through the palace, behind the garden is open to the public garden, the most suitable for the family parent-child amusement. In front of the road in the Palais Longchamp tram three, port of Marseille under Alexandre Dumas’s pen, the residents in Marseille Avenue Canebiere proud, they even solemnly declared: "if Paris Canebiere street, that Paris can become the second marseille". Canebiere at the end of the old port of Marseille Avenue, the most lively place, this harbour built by the Greeks in BC, all ships in the port of Marseille in history has been more than a century, is the heart of marseille. At the center of Marseille, in the heart of hearts today, the old port is still busy, prosperous market. Cruise ships, boats, fishing boats streamed through them, each fishing boat out of the movement, especially in the fishing boat when unloading, will lead to chase the seagulls flying, onlookers pecking. The bird love achievements of the old port is not the old generation, brilliant life and growth in nature. Four, Notre Dame Cathedral of our lady gardner…相关的主题文章: