The online public number Buddha questioned cited was sealed without cooperation say money flows to t-ca1835

The online public number Buddha questioned cited was sealed without cooperation say money flows to the temple [] online network screenshot original title Buddha public number cited questioned was closed recently, some netizens questioned WeChat public charge to provide Buddha service, capital flows and unsupervised cheat, posted on the Internet, causing users concern. At present, questioned the public number has been disabled, responsible person said that the company has the legal procedures, ongoing representations. The reporters found that similar to the charge to provide the service of WeChat, and the public ceremony site there are many, but part of the public, can not say the specific flow clearly spent money to buy gifts. Event: netizens posting online, the public questioned Buddha recently, netizens "Ming Hua" in the know posting said, mother in Buddhism, in the WeChat focus a lot on Buddhism micro signal. Before the mother had put her daughter to help her with a bank card, but for security reasons, "Ming Hua" rejected. But not long ago, "Ming Hua" found the mother or bind the bank card, mobile phone is in recent transactions, in the amount of one hundred yuan. The money is the mother to the number of public use of a number of Buddhist public, eventually went to a number of similar public. "Ming Hua" inquiry found that these public number belonging to the Zhuhai encyclopedia, Guangzhou, master mini-thrust Zhuhai visipic life three companies, the three companies are in Zhuhai Province, the Buddha or not for their website, the unsupervised business capital flows, it is difficult to determine whether they will buy the corresponding the Buddhist activities for the elderly, she advised users to report such non-standard public no.. The article in the know almost released, get nearly ten thousand users attention. Due to be reported, the five public number has been disabled. Survey: some public numbers without cooperation Temple says not clear money flows to the reporter inquiries found that currently WeChat public, there are still more than 20 online public number for the buddha. October 25th, the reporter randomly opened one of them called online public number for the Buddha, the page shows that the business scope of the public number is online super, account for the main body of a technology Co., Ltd. Zhangjiakou. The number inside push a lot of practice related articles, have a "click online pious Buddha almost each of the links below. After opening a virtual temple, incense, and peace offerings such as orchid Apple three for free, the rest are required to buy, Crinum, lucky incense, pitaya up to 88.88 yuan each. The number of public offerings, money will be provided to the R & D system and support the temple master, but after the payment can not see the money in the end what will flow to the temple. The reporter contacted the public number above customer service phone, a female staff member said, little daily the amount raised platform, and the company does not cooperate with the temple, has not intend to continue running the public number. The reporter asked, in the end where the flow of money, the staff said that at present the platform in the fundraising stage, with the money going to help children with mental retardation, but can’t tell what will be donated to which institutions. The operator or not standardized but not illegal "Zhuhai master encyclopedia company responsible person Mr. Bell said, the company in cooperation with formal religious groups, religious groups to assist all" Internet plus ", also.相关的主题文章: