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The man said was female screeners hit the chest to touch the buttocks to prosecute violations of personal rights recently encountered female screeners Mr. Zhang took the subway, he said the other security is useful when touching the chest, Mr. Zhang believes that female screeners misconduct, and did not inform the parties to the dispute occurred. Later, Mr. Zhang will be the security inspector and his company to court, the Ganjingzi District Court has accepted the case. It is understood that the current subway security has an unwritten rule, that is, men can only check male passenger screeners, and female screeners can check male passengers, passengers can also check the female. Zhang believes that the move is suspected of sexual discrimination. The man was female screeners touch chest? The morning of September 4th at 9:30 pm, Mr. Zhang went to the airport to the subway station ready to take the subway, pitted security, security for Mr. Zhang is a female, "a total of 4 screeners, 2 male and 2 female, the female screeners also did not say what, just give me security." Zhang said that the female security guard was holding a hand security instrument, but no use, but directly reach out to touch him. The same day, Mr. Zhang was wearing a short sleeved shirt, no buckle, wearing a vest, "screeners hand suddenly touched my chest, I feel very uncomfortable." Mr. Zhang said, then the screeners and let him turn around, "and touch my ass." After the end of the security, Mr. Zhang raised objections, I said that you do not check this way is very good, why the woman to the man to check, do not tell in advance, and touch sensitive parts. The other said they are in accordance with the inspection, also said the guys how afraid to touch, I was on fire, why don’t you say a word……" The police investigation does not constitute obscene, Mr. Zhang said, both parties to a dispute, then he takes "female screeners with indecent behavior" was the grounds of the police, the police will be the parties back to the police investigation, the police made a record for us, but also the transfer of the scene monitoring video, after investigation, the police think the security officer does not constitute an indecent act." The reporter saw the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau Public Security Traffic Management Station for Metro second Zhang issued a "no investigation notice", "police said:" Mr. Zhang Han (female screeners) suspected of molesting a case, does not belong to the public security organs under the jurisdiction of the category. The public security organ shall not investigate and handle the matter according to law." Zhang said that after the incident, he had complained to the relevant departments on the matter, but has not been a clear answer. The court has accepted the case that Mr. Zhang Han in the screening process, violent behavior, lack of respect for him, to touch his body, did not use in the premise of safety instrument can use the check, but the hand to touch, the way to check Han a violation of his right of personality. "Female screeners touched my chest, I have obvious discomfort at the time, and the lower body has erectile response." Mr. Zhang described in the lawsuit. At the same time, Mr. Zhang said that the behavior of a Korean security, is in the performance of the company in Dalian Security Services Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Da Da an security responsibilities). Zhang believes that the great相关的主题文章: