The little boy in Hangzhou was in a bad mood with his grandfather. He walked alone in the street at 3344111

Hangzhou boy with grandpa cussedness night walking alone in the street at 7 last night, Mr. Luo calls in Hangzhou Fengqi Road intersection of Yanan taxi just now, brother Zhu Shifu found a four or five year old child, a person alone in the street, very dangerous. At this time, Zhu Shifu will be the first time the car stopped, I was passive do good, help with the alarm and send their children to the police. Hope that children can reunite with their families at an early date. Reporter Jiang Dawei verify reports: 5 points yesterday evening, Mr. Luo took a taxi to a downtown restaurant with friends, when a taxi traveling to Yanan Road, Fengqi Road, taxi driver suddenly stopped the car. He said there was a kid on the road!" Mr Luo said toward the brother pointed in the direction of looking over, by crossing the Fengqi Road on the west side, a four or five year old boy was walking in the fast lane. When it was dark, it was raining, the child was small, wearing a black coat, if not pay attention to is difficult to find, it is too dangerous. Mr Luo said, brother after stopping playing the double jump lights, said to the child loop aside, can delay the time. "I thought so too, just as I opened the door close to the child, and quickly get off to hold the child!" Mr. Luo said he took the child to the side of the road, immediately reported to the police. The police said that if we see a police patrol or roadside, you can also give the child to them, they will help take care of the. Well, Mr. Luo saw a police at the intersection, in the description of the situation, give the child to the police. Because the taxi stopped at the intersection, Mr. Luo after the police report and send their children to the police, then returned to the taxi to leave before the trip, he heard the police asked the children why a man in the street? The child replied, and grandfather made an awkward, and then do not know how to walk alone…… Last night, Mr. Luo sent to reporters he took the taxi operating permits, shown above, found the child’s kind of brother named Zhu Jinshan, from Hangzhou, a taxi company, Zhejiang AT8419 license plate. "Thanks to the brother, if he is not found in time, the children on the road is really dangerous!" Mr. Luo said. 8 last night, contact the Gezhu master. "This kind of thing is easy, besides, the child is the passenger to save the passengers should praise!" Zhu Shifu with a local accent, the people of Hangzhou, he is 55 years old this year, in 2005 opened a taxi, opened the night shift, because every day on the road, often can meet various needs their help, like a lost child, falls in the elderly, pregnant women…… As long as their own, regardless of whether they are doing business, he insisted that the principle of human life and safety is the first. Zhu said the master found the lost child on the road, the impression has been several times, if you are doing business, the general will immediately communicate with the passengers, and then stop to help. Passengers can understand, and some will help together. Some passengers said that he is the city of positive energy, he thinks they are little things, "if you encounter this kind of thing no one day, my heart will hold, can not do good business!" What happened to the child? Wulin area police station said, Mr. Luo took the baby to the side of the road, just inside.相关的主题文章: