The ice cream that will not melt can be heated to 60 degrees by microwave oven

The ice cream will not melt the birth of the microwave oven can be heated to 60 degrees of psychology, people like to eat ice cream, ice cream can give people a sense of fantasy. At the moment of the ice cream entry, the whole person will relax. However, due to the low temperature in winter, many people who want to eat ice cream can only be prohibitive. The good news is that the people of the island countries have finally developed an ice cream that can be heated to 60 degrees According to reports, recently located in Jinze, Japan, seaweed food research institute published a high temperature will not melt the hot ice cream research news. Japan seaweed food research institute, said the development of this new type of "hot ice cream" is designed to increase the winter market can use the microwave heating of the new dessert. "Hot ice cream" is mainly composed of protein and water, using the method of research and development alone will be mixed with the coagulant, at 60 degrees will not melt and smooth the shape of ice cream. The Institute said, in 7 years ago began to study hard to melt ice cream "as an opportunity, they realize that winter is no good way to enjoy the ice cream, and then spent 6 years continuous test, finally completed this product. Institute president Shiraishi Yoshihide said, "he who has not tasted the taste of ice cream consumption huge stone Chuanren must not miss." Now this ice cream has been officially put into commercial production volume, the small partners to travel to Japan may wish to try oh. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: