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The Guangzhou auto show Geely established post, releasing what signal? Sohu as the end of the domestic automotive industry exhibition is the most important, Guangzhou auto show more and more attention by car prices. During this period, has released a new brand, has released new models, their innovation can show the charm. This does not, nearly two years of momentum of Geely cars at the Guangzhou auto show new tactics. ("lucky inn" posters) November 18th Guangzhou auto show media day, Geely booth crafted a "auspicious inn", as the majority of the media staff rest, during the show’s charge and energy supply station. (Guangzhou auto show media day – "lucky inn"), "lucky inn" to provide free lunch and coffee and dessert, massage chairs, charging treasure and other diverse configuration, provide help for media personnel, energy. Geely this intimate action and quality services by the media highly praised. ("lucky inn" ready for media massage chairs and other car) also obsessed with resources on brand promotion, new product promotion, Geely Automobile in the booth to create a "lucky inn", intended to let the media feel Geely most simple and sincere concern, once again reflects the innovative service consciousness. Originally, Geely Automobile in the boutique 3 strategy under the guidance of its new models show strong product force for all to see, even with the product, which is at the Guangzhou auto show is also able to highlight the style. But why Geely Automobile to make such a move at this time, what exactly is the signal to release it? (Geely 3 matrix) on the industry believes that in the "3 generation" have access to market acclaim, Geely Automobile which will release two signals: first, Geely will strengthen the promotion of communication; second, Geely will strengthen the service consciousness. As everyone knows, this show is a stage of information industry is highly concentrated and easy to spread, Geely Automobile choose to build a "lucky inn" at the Guangzhou auto show innovatively, and targeted for the majority of the automotive industry will strengthen the promotion of communication media, the idea is clear. In fact, along with the gradual recognition of products, Geely Automobile in recent years has strengthened the efforts to promote communication. For example, in the product level, brilliant as an example, from the pre IPO price quiz, limited pre-sale, to undertake a variety of major activities of the concierge car, Geely Automobile Transmission step by step to enhance the effect of brilliant in the market, provided strong support for the follow-up to achieve a breakthrough in sales performance of the brand; communication level, adhere to the brand from the public welfare activities has been put forward to the "brand to" Geely Automobile, to show a positive, loving positive brand image. So, compared to the previous action and at the Guangzhou auto show on innovation, industry topics that tasted the sweetness of the spread of Geely Automobile, the next there will be more initiatives. (Guangzhou Auto Show – Geely booth) generally speaking, the car prices for consumers are mainly composed of three parts: product, brand, marketing power, the core of which lies in the power of marketing services. As Chinese goods!相关的主题文章: