The genius Zhao Qinyu people like autumn jade for God yvette yates

The genius Zhao Qinyu: people like autumn jade God Author: Wei Ruzhen and Zhao Qinyu teacher met due to his smile like the friend recommendation, self portrait painting, sincere gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. His language is concise and lively, his paintings fully and delightfully. Use a friend’s words, Miss Zhao belong to the grassroots counter attack is a self-taught painter, inspirational example, versatile he love painting, but never put this as a capital. His clever pyrography nature, his paintings are true to life, his landscape painting has the charm, not by will think of a poem: if the plum blossom in the bone, people like autumn jade for god. Zhao Qinyu introduction: Zhao Qinyu was born a genius of Wanxi Dabie Mountain, Lu’an Town, PI water lake, the geographical meaning of the "West" is Lu’an. The Heaven Village in Lu’an, Foshan, Huashan million, Wabuhu lake, West Lake, Wanfo lake, Huaihe, the history of river, Hangbu River and many other landscapes, Zhao Qinyu accumulated valuable wealth. Zhao Qinyu from the age of 13, "" Mustard Seed Garden painting has become his first silent teacher, he every day according to the copy from the pen, painting, writing form, composition and other basic skills to learn, landscapes, figures, flowers and other animal, no painting, from sketch to sketch, a Book to draw down is three years. He slowly pulled out of the gate, to appreciate the true meaning. Thus creating his profound Chinese painting skills. A scene to poke lake mountain better, cloud mountain to Heaven Village: cross-border oil painting and picturesque autumn pyrography double into the barracks, Zhao Qinyu painting can occasionally be found in leadership, was transferred to the Propaganda Department office, due to its based on their own work, and diligent, study Chinese landscape painting, won the leadership of appreciation, is recommended to accept a a half years of painting and calligraphy professional training, here is the painting in the world, he plunged into the. The art of accommodation, let him at home, at the end of the school, his paintings had a silent formation reaction in the military region, get a lot of military leadership approval. Demobilized after Zhao Qinyu, someone is willing to take half a year’s salary to buy his paintings. Zhao Qinyu was fascinated by painting an extremely rare and valuable species — pyrography, called "needle embroidery", also known as the "heat transfer", called "a Chinese way", is a key state protection of intangible cultural heritage. But no one was willing to teach him, dedicated to Zhao Qinyu just from the TV interview column, a taste of pyrography charm, creating a burst of passion, get out of hand. In order to really learn the poker, with a homemade iron pen name in the domestic visit outside pyrography from Shanghai to Nanjing, Town God’s Temple, Confucius temple and other places have left Zhao Qinyu for famous footprints and stories. He is on the board, the paper on the hot out of the landscape, flower and bird implication of the smart, not only retains the characteristics of traditional pyrography, and will draw Chinese charm into one, clear, vivid. Even the pyrograph Division also repeatedly praised. The sails reflect Xiajiang development: place ink YuDaCheng continuously along with the exploration of the art of Zhao Qinyu, obsessed with painting and calligraphy art forms. By chance, he once served as close as nunnery and observe the teacher Guo Gongda creation, the creation of the pen teacher,.相关的主题文章: