The French SMG on Marseille state Huiyong Ryan wins the championship candy boy

The French SMG on Marseille: state Huiyong Ryan wins promoted Sunday 070 VS Bordeaux 2016-10-31 03:45 French Marseilles Marseilles recently state is really good, has 5 consecutive games unbeaten, said thin dead camel than Ma, at least in the French Marseilles proved this point, although the team is not what stars but at least the teams sometimes support their Aura enough to win the game. The week teams participate in the League Cup on the road smooth with a 2-1 win over Claremont next round. Bordeaux recently in the league in the state is not good enough, 4 consecutive game winless, but the team midweek Carling Cup, finally ending their unbeaten score, although the opponent is just the Serie C team. Bordeaux this team is good at making trouble for the team, which, of course, including Marseille, and this season, the team’s away performance than their home record is eye-catching. The two sides recently played 10 games Marseille scored a record of 2 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, and no advantage, the two sides are still playing with a draw. In the face of the old rivals Marseille has no certainty to win, but they are in good form with the home court advantage is not recommended for losing, unbeaten, scoring a total of 2,3. On Sunday 044 Rennes VS 2016-10-31 00:00 Metz Rennes this season home court played quite tough, basic is one of the best French Week in their home court, in Lorient with the same team in the League Cup, depending on the stoppage time countdown to second minutes lore opponents, home court dragon character show, in addition to being a team this season the game draw with Bordeaux, all other matches are to win the home court. Maes is currently relatively poor state, to promoted the horse, although at the beginning of the season but the fees they stride forward singing militant songs must learn to pay, now for the dead, they must adjust their style of play and tactics as soon as possible. Midweek team also participated in the FA Cup, and after 120 minutes of fierce fighting, and finally through the penalty promotion, in the physical than the home team even worse. The last 10 games played, Ryan made 5 wins 5 flat achievements, take advantage of the last 4 home court against Maes, Ryan is no surprise win. What this field basically no suspense, as a veteran team in the home court, promoted the horse, they will defend their home court, recommended victory, scoring a total of 3,4.相关的主题文章: