The fifth Shanghai International Puppet Festival opened in November – Sohu Entertainment ssdao

The fifth Shanghai International Puppet Festival opened on November – Sohu entertainment     eighteenth China Shanghai International Arts Festival "festival of festivals" — "golden Magnolia" fifth Shanghai International Puppet Art Festival will be held on November 3rd to 8 days. The Shanghai International Puppet Art Festival, from France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, eight foreign puppet art troupes, and Shanghai, Fujian Jinjiang, Fujian Quanzhou, Taiwan four major groups in the puppet art academy, Shanghai Puppet Troupe CIROS children new horizons auditorium and story Malan, Shanghai theatre, Shanghai Theater Academy, and the eighteenth session of the Shanghai International Arts Festival Chinese Wuxi venue and Sky Arts and art education sector with special performance, as the audience of children and puppet art lovers show a total of 30 games. "Extraordinary journey 2" Germany fifth round marionette troupe brings is a big innovation breakthrough performance manipulation on the variety of the exotic puppets singing, dancing, organic combination of puppetry, modern mechanical elements and modern dance three factors, vibrant dance, both show a puppet exquisite art, also shows the different people of different ethnic customs of the world soil, let the audience see a feast for the eyes play at the same time, it seems like the experience of the world travel an extraordinary rare life. Slovakia Zilina Puppet Theatre "naughty little elephant" tells the interesting story about the elephant and the long nosed it a long time ago in central africa. From Serbia Guyewazi carat Troupe "forest story" is a collection of many animal fables of shadow play. The actor used his body as a projection, with some small props, to create a variety of animal images on the screen, through the animal wonderful interpretation, philosophy and instructive enlightenment to warn you. In the shadow of the story when shaping the character, company borrowed German playwright Bly Hitt’s "strange alienation effect" theory, at the end of each fable story, the actor always interrupted the show, directly from the ongoing performance jump, came to the tent of meeting, to talk to the audience, to reveal the outcome or fable with the truth. Russia Omsk Puppet Theatre "Bamboo Princess" with puppets form about the Japanese Mt Fuji immortal legend, and to explore the meaning of life education, people should keep a young heart, in the cruel reality in a positive way to live. The shadow puppet theater from Spain "hand" can be said to be a shadow of the feast. With its vivid image simulation and full of irony humorous action modeling, which makes the drama has dramatic implications. The line does not appear, but the shadow of the slightest expression does not affect the accurate interpretation of the story of the audience. In addition, Quanzhou Puppet Theatre "orphan" story has the advantages of compact structure, step forward, clear, fascinating; play marionette’s movements accurately is rich and changeful, clothing hair, dress, behavior, such as real emotional expression is excellent, show the essence of the art of marionettes. Shanghai Theater Academy "ham.相关的主题文章: