The breakdown of Tianjin who have most places – Hainan window –

The breakdown of the most exotic places — Hainan window — Rome Flavor — Tianjin China Park Stadium china Park stadium is located in Chongqing Tianjin Road Heping District No. 83 Tianjin, Tianjin belongs to the famous international cultural tourist attractions — "five Avenue" area. All around the stadium is full of Rome wind arched entrance, free from any door into the stadium in Rome, the whole arena. Circular runway brick red, green terraced lawns, all around the cafes, bars and restaurants, so here exudes a charming atmosphere and lazy, become the best place for Tianjin residents and tourists’ leisure. Every weekend, the children play on the lawn in particular, full of Rome style of the people’s Park Stadium and sometimes see photographers and models here to shoot large art. Traffic: 1, take 4 road, 619 Road, 871 Road, 906 road to Chongqing road to walk 160 meters by 831 Road, 845 Road, 902 Road, 951 Road, 9 Road, 2 road to the yellow garden sightseeing walk 170 meters 2, take the 325 road to the palace to walk 330 meters, 3 take the 325 Road 4 road 619 road to the racecourse road to walk 363 meters 4, take 831 Road, 845 Road, 902 Road, 951 Road, 9 Road, 2 road to Guilin Road sightseeing walk 399 meters (Jiang Chengliu  , commissioning editor: Lu Shaoxiong); a lot of people do not know the Japanese Garden – Tianjin water park in Kobe in the park, the Tianjin water park actually hiding a pure Japanese garden, although the pattern is not, but it has a tranquil and quiet day. Here are Yingying grass, fluttering willow Pavilion; and "six Cape mountain" stone waterfall, bridges near the front of the stone shrine lantern, log sleepy kitten, pedestrians walked the stone on the road occasionally…… This is a Chinese, the first Japanese Garden reputation of Tianjin Kobe park. Kobe park is to commemorate the 1988, Tianjin, Kobe two city friendly city fifteen anniversary, funded by the Kobe city built on Water Park garden. According to the Japanese garden designer explains this garden design concept originated in the Kobe city layout, meaning two people’s friendly exchanges. The north side of the hill park, a wild profusion of vegetation in Kobe City, a symbol of the six Cape mountain; Small Lake Nanhu and water platform, a symbol of Kobe port. In the garden, a wide flat lawn and a log cabin dotted with it represent the city of Kobe. Here you can feel the unique artistic conception of the Japanese garden, you can also enter the Japanese house, chatting on the tatami of pleasant experience. Traffic: 1, 643, 872, 2 take the sightseeing road bus to get off in the water park; 2, by 35, 668, 705, 857, 871, 879 road bus in the Water Park East Gate walk up to about 100 meters (Lu Shaoxiong, commissioning editor Jiang Chengliu)   Tianjin Venice – Florence the town of Florence town is exotic Tianjin district is one of the best, the single word "town" will lead to infinite yearning. When you walk in Florence small)相关的主题文章: