The 15 year old Quanzhou girl abducted 17 years in Guizhou for 5 years after the letter was sent

The 15 year old Quanzhou girl abducted 17 years in Guizhou for 5 years after the letter was sent in October 5th, if not suddenly received a letter sent small daughter trustee, Jinjiang Xiyuan Community officer Ko, the old man a thought, never see her again. It turned out that her daughter was 17 years ago, was turned to Guizhou, forced to marry locals, life is hard. After the alarm, on October 11th, Jinjiang police and their families arrived in Guizhou, the 32 year old A Hua (a pseudonym) rescued. Yesterday afternoon around 3, A Hua finally returned home, and family reunion. Currently, Jinjiang police are still investigating the case. At the age of 15, he went to Guizhou to marry a local man, A Hua, who had a sister and a brother. She was the youngest child in the family. In 1999, when A Hua was 15 years old, he dropped out of junior high school. At that time, there was a renovation of the engineering team rented in her house next door, most of the workers are Guizhou. A Hua often runs in the past to play. 1999 is the beginning of the ten month of the morning, uncle Ke woke up at home, the door is open, the little daughter is missing. At first, they thought A Hua was just going out to play. Unexpectedly, A Hua has not come back for two days. The family anxious, and quickly looked around, looking for a period of time did not find. Because at that time did not confirm whether A Hua is running away from home, so they did not continue to look for. At that time did not know she is not in love, she did not know what the godfather." A Hua’s sister said, when the team left, they do not know where to find the project team. However, A Hua later told the police that she has a boyfriend named Xiao Cai engineering team at the time, also from the engineering team identified a godfather Guizhou cheng. After leaving home that day, she went to Quanzhou city to find her boyfriend, did not find. I let her daughter took her to Guizhou. She was not sensible, a good mountain water Guizhou, do not have to eat and work, followed by the road. Unexpectedly, to Guizhou, Renhuai, A Hua was taken to a brother’s home. Cheng’s brother was more than and 30 years old, his wife died, she was forced to marry him. A Hua did not agree, had run away a few times, but were arrested. 5 years ago, a trustee of the National Day this year to help his family was received on the way home for more than 4 years after a day in the evening, A Hua took advantage of the Cheng family are asleep, run away from home. It was raining heavily, and the road could not be seen clearly. A Hua lost his way and had to sit by the roadside. At this time, a yellow old man found A Hua. Know A Hua after the encounter, he took A Hua, took her home to eat, good for her. Huang said the old man, his son is blind, I hope she can get married with his grandson, while serving his son. Because a yellow old man for her good, she agreed. Because the yellow house environment is very poor, A Hua every day to work, to cut down trees, looking for ragweed, live very hard. A Hua often secretly cry, miss family, especially the mother. In 2011, she took advantage of the yellow family did not pay attention, secretly wrote a letter, let a friend to help send home to their parents, let them take her home. Because people found that her letter was short, leaving only a Guizhou address. However, this friend did not send the letter. Until recently, this friend;相关的主题文章: