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Thailand 20 dead bombing 2 minority China suspects trial original title: Thailand trial two Chinese Erawan bombing suspects were accused of Uygur nationality [Global Times correspondent in Thailand history more] November 15th, Thailand Bangkok Erawan bombings in Bangkok military court hearing. According to Reuters, two Chinese Uygur nationality suspects dressed in brown uniforms in court, the prosecution presented including murder, illegal possession of explosives, illegal immigration and other 10 charges. Previously, due to the lack of suitable interpreters, the case of the trial has been postponed three times, from August until November. August 17, 2015, Thailand, the capital of Bangkok, a famous tourist attraction in the vicinity of the Buddha exploded, killing 20 people, including 7 Chinese people, and more than 120 people were injured. This is one of the worst violence in Thailand in decades. After that, the police have arrested 17 suspects in Thailand, but only the presence of the court in the two person is still in custody in 15. Military courts have tried criminal cases that might involve national security since the Thailand military seized power in 2014. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, in August this year, the court had planned to use a "World Uyghur Congress" in Uzbekistan, but the two suspects said don’t understand the translation of words, there are reports that the translation by drug-related charges, hearing a delay. The two suspects to China passport, the court was in October 25th this year, please Chinese Embassy in Thailand to provide the appropriate translation, with the Uighur translation into English or ability Chinese translated into thai. Reuters reported that the Bangkok military court appointed two interpreters by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand on. But the two suspects still protested that the translator might be biased. But the judge said, the two translators are appropriate, because they will say that the Uighur language". The court held that the suspect was trying to delay the proceedings, there is no indication that the translator with a preset position. Thailand police said the two suspects have confessed their role in the explosion, surveillance video, eyewitness testimony, evidence and so on are the basis for prosecution. But the two suspects denied the charges, claiming to be forced to confess. Agence France-Presse said that because the military court held only a few days a month, the Thailand attorney general’s office, said the case is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 or early 2018. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: