Suining was man whoring prostitutes at will strangle each other was arrested (Figure) (video)

Suining was man whoring prostitutes at will strangle each other was arrested (Figure) a night in January 2011, a man was laughed at each other in prostitution, he should be strangled alive, then the man run for nearly 6 years. Although the case due to lack of clues to suspend progress, but when his Public Security Bureau police investigators involved in their 6 years of perseverance, sustained attention. In October this year, the Public Security Bureau Chuanshan accidentally got the new cable, restart the investigation work, eventually arrested the suspect. In January 25, 2011, the breath of the Spring Festival is approaching, however, in the evening, is located in Suining City South turntable (micro-blog) near the North MaoYuan massage shop, a 22 year old woman slipped Deng was found dead in the massage room. After the incident, the district police station (Public Security Bureau Chuanshan Kaixuan station) the first time rushed to the scene for disposal, "I was on the South turntable booth, from North MaoYuan recently, after the incident, I was the first one to the scene. It was close to 22 in the evening, and the day was cold, and the woman died in a compartment on the second floor of the massage shop. The murderer had been away for a few minutes in two minutes. The police station police on duty, whether it is already home to rest is the police or public holidays, the police were notified all accompanying false emergency set, must be within 10 minutes of the back set." In the way back to the police station in the work of the police Liu Tao recalled, we gather to the scene as the center of the murderer to escape the search. Search work uninterrupted for a full 40 hours, continued until the afternoon of the third day, during which to find the clothes of the similar man, back to the police station after verification verification are not suspects 5." At the same time in the search for emergency police station, branch Police Brigade police rushed to the scene, "I was rushed to find the store power, a few comrades with police flashlight to illuminate the room after I extracted the sperm and some traces of evidence, and the preliminary inspection of the death of the deceased. At that time, it was estimated that the suspect fled in a hurry, even the autumn clothes are not wearing away. In the next few days, I collected a very detailed analysis and comparison of the evidence collected on the spot, but it has not been the result." When the scene of the police Yang Ming memories. Through the visit and the transfer of control, the police learned that the incident was a 35 year old man was slip female solicitation, and then enter the massage parlors and their sexual relationship, but the man was gone, the store staff found Dengmou strangled in the room. "Men go out, paying 100 yuan piaozi, but the money is counterfeit, therefore, another woman also chase out the store money away, but did not catch people." Police investigators said, through the transfer of the incident and the surrounding Skynet monitoring, and the description of the woman’s body, police found the suspect of medium height of about 1.7 meters, about 35 years old, long face, wearing a blue feather clothing…… According to the trajectory of the man’s action, the police speculated that the suspect is likely to be on weekdays migrant workers, at the end of the year before returning home for the spring festival. For 40 hours after the first round of search failed, and out of the Public Security Bureau chuanshan"相关的主题文章: