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Time is half strong ink grinding: memories of calligrapher Zhang Pengyi source: Oriental Morning Post Author: Chen Wei original title: time is half strong ink grinding: reminiscences of Mr. Zhang Pengyi calligrapher Mr. Zhang Pengyi has died just twenty years. Mr Zhang Pengyi was born in 1898, the calligraphy from the Li Beihai old age, like to have chicken for the book, famous Jiangnan, poetry school Du Shaoling more solemn, less brilliant. The old literati calligraphy poems as always I do, Mr. Zhang Pengyi also love others called him a poet, he for the collection and protection of ancient books has done a lot of work. Most of the work he had done in his life was related to poetry and calligraphy. A gift book Chen Wei Zhang Peng wing antithetical couplet time flies, count from Yi master died is the entire twenty years. For the rest of my life, I met my husband for a few years in his later years, the year of 1993, 94 years old. That year, I opened a small bookstore in the home town of Pingyang, engaged in stationery. The bookstore facing the county government’s door, and Mr. lived in the County Museum on the ground floor of the dormitory, on the rear side of the county government compound. Not far, Mr. then has legs inconvenient, although he loves reading, but the time has not come to my bookstore. And meet my old friend Mr Xu Junyuhui brokered the. Yu Huijun is smart and honest, mounting division, and the old man is friendship between generations. Mr. alone at home, the only son in Anhui, so as Huiru jade son. Big and small home affairs are entrusted to do. Yu Hui month for him to the post office to send Mr. wenshiguan allowance. Usually I will write the Mr. Runzi, ranging from tens of dollars to more than hundreds of yuan, send bank deposit. Yu Huijun also died due to illness for many years, I miss them often in the kingdom of heaven. In those years the small town love painting is not much, I often send some calligraphy assignments to mounting, a common aesthetic orientation that I soon became familiar with Yu hui. In his mounting shop, I often saw the old scholars such as Cai Xiaoqiu, Yang Zikai, Su Mei Shuo and Liu Shaokuan’s works of calligraphy and painting, of course, see most is Mr. Zhang Pengyi’s chicken without cursive works. The elder Mr. Zhang only alive, he works on the common friend in question a sequence or write a poem. Yu Hui often told me some stories about the old gentleman, which makes me very yearning. Although Mr. Zhang is alive, but to me, it is the same with these distant xian. Yu Hui said that the opportunity to take me to see the old man, I was expecting a little nervous. I do not know the old Mr. Yu Hui to see me what exercises, old man said: "the children in the future promising." Tell me the compliment of Mr. Yu Hui, I am overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. I know I did not learn deep, he must be polite to encourage. Yu Hui said, said Mr is immature, but the word is written in the "Qing", "open milk" eat well. I hear, half believe and half doubt. Jade Hui said Mr. rare impression is good, take you to meet. Jade Hui agreed to meet the time. That day, he came to my bookstore. I discuss with him the first time old Sir, what is a good gift to send. Yu Hui suggested that Mr. Li Beihai likes to read and write calligraphy, on the election of a European or Lee’s calligraphy collection. So I picked up a Book of officials big pictures, but also seriously.相关的主题文章: