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Song Joong Ki like "Koi couple" husband and wife     Li Fei’Er or Kim Hee Chul love – Shaanxi channel — original title: Song Joong Ki like "Koi couple" husband and wife Li Fei’Er or Kim Hee Chul first "Koi couple" frequent dog friends shouting sweet tooth "Li Fei’Er Kim Hee Chul in a group of" love "recorded in the third quarter of sweet beauty exposure, this is the last time the two micro-blog show of affection after understanding throws a heavy pound on dog food, netizens have said" sweet tooth ", two people yesterday and understanding Bo Kim Hee Chul hair two, pictured with the text" the most special Hot pot ", Li Fei’Er responded" love is good". In last night’s show, Kim Hee Chul will be the first two date set in place to look full of mango farm, Li Fei’Er said "a little disappointed, but I can understand, on the way to the rendezvous in Li Fei’Er, Kim Hee Chul was in the farm and prepared a special" surprise "– the injured arm, which makes just arrived at the farm Li Fei’Er a little Li Fei’Er will immediately suspend the request at a loss, taking emergency treatment, which makes itself acting no problem Kim Hee Chul began to self doubt, so the" Koi couple "carried out with actress actor arashi. The outbreak of Li Fei’Er "in the process of picking his girlfriend", as he wanted to pretend jackfruit injured Kim Hee Chul off to see such a sincere Phyl Kim Hee Chul eventually confessed hidden shooting tasks, make Phyl cry, full embrace six apology results but was told is tricky, the whole process is very happy. Li Fei’Er Park Shin Hye praised the "take air Hot pot Song Joong Ki Koi couple husband and wife learned that Kim Hee Chul was a big fan of Li Fei’Er Hot pot, specially flown in from Beijing Hot pot bottom material ready for Kim Hee Chul delicacy surprise, two people is taken to respective good friend PK lovers certified technician," Koi couple "is Song Joong Ki and Park Shin Hye praised" couples ", finally PK failed to comply with the agreement when Kim Hee Chul sexy dance amuse Li Fei’Er in two more questions each other is thrown out" the last kiss is what time "after the breakup and the former contact" "the last love is what you love to do the" crazy things "Madden problem showdown finally, Kim Hee Chul can only pretend to sleep under false pretenses, in Li Fei’Er’s questioning admitted that" did not fall in love with their basic Test, there is no love, love is not very understanding." But for the one you like, you can try to accept the things you don’t like. "Koi couple" in the play "two little bees" game after Kim Hee Chul opens the domineering advertisement mode, say "you are my" Declaration of sovereignty, the advertisement is a Li Fei’Er in his arms, two more people do not deceive each other mutually "commitment, warm and moving scenes. "Koi couples" more exciting interactive content and scenes as "love" in the third quarter, please login, video and music video Sohu Iqiyi PPS, Tencent, PPTV video, Tianyi video client to watch, see "Koi love couple" unlock cheats. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: