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Food-and-Drink Its a Sunday morning and first thing you remember is a football game. Well lets put those diets away just for a day, it cant be fun without the Super Bowl Appetizers that goes with some drinks to .plete the big game day. Are you thinking of throwing a Super Bowl Appetizer party on your next get together party with your friends and family for the football game and thinking what to make for the party? No problem! Here is a list of few dishes which can be easily prepared and doesnt take much of your time as well. Chips – which is the easy to prepare and everyone likes to munch on it as well. You can either go a tortilla, bean or potato chips. Fortunately, these chips .e in a number of flavors and you can have them as your super bowl appetizer. Pizza – This is an all-time favorite snack. Usually served hot with the toppings of your choice. Pizza is no more a snack that is only available at the store, now you can make them in your very own oven with much ease all that you need of get is a pizza base available in most stores and the choice of your toppings. Here you go, you are pizza is all ready. So you dont have to wait for that pizza guy. Beer – this is the ingredient of your Super Bowl appetizer in case you are missing on this your guests may not be very happy with you playing the host, so make sure your guests have a lot of beer to drink and lot of snacks to much on. Make sure you dont end up having less beer while your game is still on. Soda – This is a must in super bowl party when you have friends who dont usually drink so make sure you have alternatives for them like cola, root bear & ginger bear and so on. Brownies – these are the ultimate super bowl appetizers for the super bowl party & a real crowd pleaser. You can easily get them from the bakery. This also .es in a wide range of flavors. Stuffed Shrimp – this is an amazing super bowl appetizer for those who are on a diet. This is one of the favorite snacks in most of the parties. Chicken winged dishes – you can opt for any kind of chicken winged dishes, like the BBQ wings, honey wings, spicy chicken wings and so on. Sticky Maple ribs this has now be.e a new addition in almost all the parties. As we all know ribs are a super bowl staple and this sticky maple flavored ribs are yummy. These are few of the dishes that are usually made for super bowl appetizers and you can always go in for the traditional and easy snacks that are made during these parties. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: