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Some of the car broke down is difficult to repair, and then do not buy cheap! A few days ago – Sohu car radio listeners and friends: he was in Beijing Linghai second-hand car market at a low price to buy a Sweden imported Saab SAAB 9-3 sedan, the car is from 2011, it is the 4 country in their emissions can be Changchun. But not for a long time to buy back the engine failure, need to replace parts, but for many factory simply can not repair, then calculate the program group. The Swedish company would have gone bankrupt, to find its parts especially in China, it is certainly difficult, itself in China Saab products market inventory is very little. Rare rare car repair? These rare cars in the market, especially imported cars, once broken, how to repair it? First, if you can not find the original pieces, try to buy "vice factory", if the Deputy plant parts are not, it can only through a variety of ways to find parts overseas. But this car cost will be increasingly high, such as an old Land Rover Freelander. (generation), an original fog will be more than 2 thousand, not including installation costs of working hours, can only buy mailed home abroad, have more than one month period. Second, buy scrap pieces instead of. In fact, the so-called scrap pieces generally refers to the accident vehicle scrapped, dealers will be able to use the disassembled parts for sale, that is to say the actual scrap pieces of used parts. This second-hand parts are generally cheaper, but for some wonderful rare models, also can only be used to repair the second-hand car parts. Wonderful rare car again cheap also do not buy second-hand car is cheap, but buying a second-hand car consumers have the bottom line, some wonderful rare second-hand car cheap is not recommended to buy, because they once broken hard to find parts maintenance. Below these second-hand car market can see the car, and then do not recommend buying cheap! Saab began to mention the article is the Saab, the second-hand car market can occasionally see the car. Since the car manufacturers have been bankrupt, coupled with the small number of domestic car ownership. Don’t repair, repair many factory workers have not seen this car, even thought it was a domestic copycat car, so the car repair is difficult to find the basic parts, only from the north of Guangzhou area for car parts, especially the appearance of covering parts are hard to find, even for a bumper must take great pains. Land Rover Freelander (first generation). The first generation Land Rover Freelander can also be seen in the second-hand car market, more than and 10 years ago, Chinese people are not cognitive brand Land Rover, the car was imported into the country, the price is very high, the size is not big, the domestic sales of small cars. So, the second-hand car market Freelander closed car prices relatively low, car dealers to sell the price is not high, but small holdings also led to the maintenance of high prices, before the change mentioned fog would have more than 2 thousand, have to wait more than a month from England parts. Renault Renault Renault Chinese consumers know, but the scenery of this model is too strange. When China consumers do not know what is the home MPV, Reynolds MPV put "scenery" to sell Chinese, discerning consumers very rare"相关的主题文章: