Shenhua battles AFC Champions League need reinforcing bench, double battle super giants nightmare –

Shenhua battles AFC Champions League need reinforcing bench, double battle super giants nightmare – Sohu sports in Changchun slag with snow on the pitch, Shenhua over the whole journey this season! Although not in the league standings over city rivals Shanghai port, but a AFC Champions League qualification, for recovery of the Shenhua fans have been very satisfied. After a lapse of 6 years, Shenhua to return to the AFC Champions League League, which marks the Shenhua rise again. The last time in AFC Champions League dates back to the 2011 season, the old Shenhua is from the start of the season in the fall. After such a long period of ups and downs, Shenhua finally returned. AFC Champions League battles, for Shenhua, reinforcing bench strength becomes critical. Including Shenhua himself, super teams had become very bad performance AFC Champions League super league. 11 years of Shenhua, the final league only eleventh place; 13 years of League final sainty, only thirteenth; 15 years of R & F, the final league only fourteenth place; this season Luneng, the final league is only fourteenth. In addition to constant, in recent years in the AFC Champions League league team, eventually have suffered different degrees of decline in performance. Some of the bench was not enough strength of the team, but it is almost so downgraded. The super team to cope with, and even AFC Champions League Super Cup, three line battle often makes the lineup exhausted, and ultimately affect the performance of the season. AFC Champions League today already is different from the past, once the AFC Champions League was not super league team attention, many clubs take the initiative to give up AFC Champions League league. And now, with the AFC Champions League Hengda won the league, the team Chinese has a new height in the AFC Champions League arena, fans of the teams in the AFC Champions League also put forward higher requirements, there is no outlet will be fans complaining of half a day, if not carefully made the massacre, but will be the fans spit star to drown. In the recovery of the AFC Champions League, Shenhua is a challenge, but also opportunities. You want to get in again AFC Champions League, AFC Champions League champion like Evergrande, this may not be realistic, but Shenhua also must first ensure that at least AFC Champions League outlet. In accordance with this season Shenhua’s performance, they need to reinforce the position of the fact there are many. Foreign aid has not yet recovered from the Ba, the future state of comeback after a huge impact on the Shenhua, Martins as a substitute should be affirmed, on two fronts left with super should not be a problem. Guarin is key to future changes in the Shenhua foreign aid! Cao Yun on the left is the most reassuring, but the right will not dare to compliment, the future is the focus of reinforcement. The defence is another focus of reinforcement. This season can achieve such results, the players made distinctions won in battle. But the future still want to rely on the few players kick in, had to deal with the AFC Champions League, then it is possible to eat out. Despite these players, Shenhua can substitute Nadechushou really few. The next season to cope with the pressure of the double battle, these subs will become the key to win the game. If you don’t want to MANSANO this year with the Hong Kong, did not change with the AFC Champions League playing cards, this winter signings become crucial. Shenhua again for the AFC Champions League, shanghai!相关的主题文章: