Seven years of grinding sword! Cool rice original animation audio-visual Concert – listen to create

Seven years of grinding sword! M cool original animation Concert – listen to better create the future in 1945 the famous musician Xian Xinghai died in 1960, football star Maradona born in 2009, two bombs fathers Tsien Hsueshen died… The history of the October 30th extraordinary and extraordinary alternating forward… Until the year October 30, 2016, it is destined to be an extraordinary day, the highly anticipated cool concert in the original cartoon meters prolonged applause successfully pull the curtain! The G20 summit in Beijing music hall queen master play + top reverberation, the collision of passion out of this world’s top art symphony, will be included in the history of diffuse boundary! While the small to be invited to witness the "music + animation" feast! Listen to the past mentioned the cool rice network, I believe the majority of parents will blurt out the child to see the animation video site". Accurately speaking, it is the first domestic independent children’s animated video terminal platform, the current monthly coverage households over ten million, is committed to providing a positive Chinese for children and families of children’s songs, drama, animation, children rearing and other high-quality children’s data and other related services for children. Imperceptibly cool rice has been accompanied by children for seven years, the children grew up and became friends, cool meters from the initial growth of domestic children stumbling animation platform leader. Maybe you are no longer confined to the cartoon, you may see every day from the cool animation to punch meters once a week… We always adhere to the mission, do not forget the beginning of the heart! On the occasion of the establishment of seven years, cool rice Thanksgiving feedback old and new users, especially the planning of a brilliant animation audio-visual concert. Is full of sincerity, are from the national musicians Symphony Orchestra, after the G20 summit and the masked King heavyweight performance practice, the ability to control the scene and on-the-spot performance effect is true, from the fundamental guarantee for the concert texture! In addition, the top of the Beijing Concert Hall reverberation, heard the scene will know how good the effect!!! The concert scene playback intimate cool meters not only to children prepared a rich hand before admission ceremony, and kids love doll pictures oh! The children can be happy for a while, bear a hand millet, and stellar… Awfully busy! Small love organizers arranged a seat 1, ranked No. 2 in the right line, think this will be very noisy, in fact, is not, this is also the Beijing music hall powerful place, Xiaobian feel so happy, even even micro expression performers will have crystal clear, so the value, it’s not just there are some ~ God body, small second variable fans sister, just want to say that I can do two concerts (to please God). Cello God not only Yan high value, it is still a musical prodigy! The 10 year old was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of the renowned educator professor Chen Yuan, repeatedly invited to go abroad to play! Also traveled to the University of Cincinnati Music Institute, the world famous cellist and educator, former member of the Lee LaSalle Quartet professor Fiser. Look ~ Friends of the children are listening to the Na (Kan) ().相关的主题文章: