Sade deployment of new default location to be announced after the Mid Autumn

"Sade" deployment of new default location to the Mid Autumn Festival announced in August 25th, South Korea Kimcheon public protest deployment "sade". (Xinhua / EPA) Xinhua news agency, Beijing September 12th new media news (reporter Zhang Jing) South Korean media quoted government sources as saying that the "Sade" (THAAD) deployed to the new location problem, research work of the Korea US Joint Working Group has entered the final stage, is expected to be in the Mid Autumn Festival the holiday (14 to 18) after the publication of the final results. The source said, if there is no accident, located in the north of the State Department of a golf course will be the final location of sade. The "default" [Golf] South Korean media quoted senior government sources as saying that the Korea US Joint Working Group on the work of Sade "new site has actually entered the final stage. Located in Gyeongbuk County, a golf course, tired and vulgar mountain magpie Hill three alternatives, the golf course has obvious advantages, has been "designated" for the final location. The name of the person who is not willing to be named, said: "as far as I know, this golf course will be deployed as’ Sade ‘, and will be donated and transferred to buy this land. Currently, the assessment work is progressing smoothly, the final results will be announced after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday." The so-called donation and transfer, refers to the South Korean government for the purpose of public welfare to be used, to provide other ways to replace the land. South Korean Defense Minister Han Min said last month, "Sade" site selection of the main reference "six standards", including military utility, residents health, project costs and the length of the project, etc.. According to South Korean media, compared with other alternatives, the golf course has many advantages. First, the golf course is 680 meters above sea level, place Star Fort Hill 300 meters higher than the surrounding residents, rare and high security; second, the golf course area of 1 million 780 thousand square meters, 16 times larger than the original site; third, the golf course in the road, tap water pipeline and power facilities and other infrastructure is expected to complete the deployment of work on Goods are available in all varieties., at the end of next year. [residents] opposition to the death "" Sade "system is the final location of" default "after the news, the golf course is connected with the people in the city of Kimcheon has expressed opposition. If the site is located in the golf course, Sade radar will move toward the direction of Kimcheon, many residents worried about its radar electromagnetic waves may be harmful. Kimcheon has a population of about 140 thousand people, about three times that of the state. At present, the opposition to the "Sade" system has been spread from the state of Kimcheon. Kimcheon mayor Pu Baosheng and representatives of the public held talks with Defense Minister Han min earlier this month to express opposition. In addition, the local residents have also set up a fight against the deployment of Sade struggle Committee organization. The struggle Committee held a rally, issued a resolution, expressed opposition to the death threat Kimcheon public safety and survival rights "Sade" system. Jin Shiyun, chairman of the struggle Committee, said the government had decided to de Sade system deployment 7相关的主题文章: