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"Rouge" blue love song Mian Rouge? What is the drama of carmine Zhou Yuhao song Mian? Anhui Channel – "rouge" TV being hit, the play is a war, starring Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and other powerful actors, in Zhejiang TV broadcast aired since 19:38 every night, causing netizens love, a lot of friends attracted the attention of the role played by Yuan Wenkang song Mian the Song Dynasty, Mian is juntong agent, demeanor, conservation, and stubborn people tough, strict self-discipline, have very strong sense of right and wrong, users who want to know the song Mian love blue rouge rouge rouge? Then Mian and who together ending song? The following small netizens to answer. In the past most of the war drama style is a bit serious, more heavy and lively, and "rouge" will be agents, comedy, suspense three elements easy fun. The actress tries to break through the limit, will be a real "two rich generation daughter" pushed up front, accidentally become a secret agent. This plot settings, so that Rouge has a greater room for play. Actress Zhao Liying took "chick" agents "line, the multivariant style is prominent ladies temperament dress, also have ably refined uniforms, the full tidal range. The appearance of the charm of the infinite beauty agent is a lot of play in the drama, bear the value of the play in the whole play while playing a part-time funny. Yuan Wenkang said in an interview: "this role looks relatively old-fashioned, traditional, but in front of the big feeling never vague, the courage to sacrifice yourself". In the face of many "discharge" blue rouge, song Mian has been completely indifferent, he saved his own, and to go through thick and thin together Lin tianmu. But in the struggle background, he had to protect the rouge rouge, that can not help but produce a lot of subtle emotions, feelings of love, two people in love and avoid wandering between and guess. (Zhang Lei, fly off commissioning editor: Yuan Wenkang plays the song Mian Rouge) personal information Yuan Wenkang, born in July 23, 1985 in Shanghai Chinese, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, the mainland movie actor. Yuan Wenkang began acting at the age of 14, and he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy. After graduation, signed Huayi Brothers brokerage firm. In 1999, starring in the TV series "news lady" official debut. In 2007, by virtue of "assembly" won the fifteenth annual student film festival’s most popular actor and the seventeenth Film Festival Best Newcomer Award nomination. In 2011, Fu Dalong and Li Qian co starred in the Republic of China Fashion legend drama, the new capital of less than four, playing the corner of a child. 2012 guest invited friends Liyan Tong show "Beijing love story" in the dandy ANDY, a warm response, and therefore won the second annual video Sohu Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor nomination. In 2012 the epic war drama starring the "saint day gate", in 2013 starred in the TV drama "Tangshan earthquake", as a man, wanda. 2014 starring costume drama "melancholy Princess" official fixing. 2016 starred in the TV drama "Princess", a woman doctor? In Mongolia were also the first Ross Khan?. "Princess" in the melancholy ending, Yuan Wenkang must have)相关的主题文章: