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Careers-Employment One of the important processes in an organisation is recruitment. Diligent recruitment saves a lot of cost and even reduces potential revenue losses. Recruitment is a process that talks about how well placed the organisation is. Call centre recruitment is one of the continuous processes as the attrition rate is so high that recruitment slows but does not .e to .plete halt ever. Call centre recruitment processes need to consistently define and redefine their hiring processes to remove all possible glitches. Retention efforts could be another weak link in the Employee life cycle. Once call centre recruitment is streamlined the only possible area to work on would be employee retention. Recruitment processes need to be assessed after every batch of new hires goes on to the operation floor. Number of drop outs at every stage of training predicts something was missed during hiring processes. Analysing all possible reasons should help eliminate most of the process deficiencies. Once call centre recruitment process improves we would have to work hard on eliminating drawbacks of retention process. It may take a little longer but once retention as well is taken care of, attrition would go down and recruitment process would be a lot less hectic. Recruitment process has the potential to save a lot of money. As whenever there is attrition, .pany loses all money that was put on the training; we will lose the revenue that an associate would have earned for the .pany during the replacement period. The amount is really very huge; loss of service level is another irreplaceable loss. In addition the extra burden on the team can trigger further attrition. It follows a malicious cycle of reason triggering attrition and it further the reason for further attrition. Operations team needs to have remedies for all such exigencies. There are many ways that can help avoid the malicious cycle. Buffer staffing could be one of them. Call centre recruitment is one of the most important processes that impact all other processes. Root cause analysis has proven it many times that they all lie in the recruitment processes. There are ways that can make recruitment processes stronger. Delinking hiring team from operations can help. Though enhanced coordination would be required to give hiring team a skill set map to depict what to hire. All this and many more processes need continuous improvement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: