Read body signals from sneezing into the nine steps of the cancer experience shuyue

Read body signals from sneezing to nine steps of the cancer experience from the ordinary, small sneeze to become cancer, the body needs at least 9 steps. The existence of these processes is the signal to us. In most cases, most of the body’s language is ignored by most people!   1 sneezes: when the pathogens, toxins, dust, pollen, etc. into the nasal cavity, the body’s self defense system is activated, the body will automatically discharge them through the form of sneezing. 2 cough: if the pathogenic bacteria, dust, or other toxins coming from the respiratory system are not effectively discharged, they will enter the upper respiratory tract and bronchi. At this time, the body will start the second line of defense – by coughing pathogens and other toxins, garbage discharge. But many of us don’t know cough is rubbish body self protective measures, that is cough disease, cough, cough eat immediately stop drug, ignorant even use a lot of antibiotics (anti-inflammatory drugs), will have to remove pathogenic bacteria in vitro and other toxins inside the body to back pressure. So the body’s defense system may need to enter the third step. Read body signals from sneezing into nine steps of cancer experience fatigue, loss of appetite and body 3: tell us to be fasting, drink water, rest, in order to concentrate into the physical confrontation of pathogenic bacteria in the body of toxins etc.. We do not want to eat the body do not eat right, we should increase the amount of water, and drink fresh vegetable juice. However, due to the concept of time error, often at this time we will force yourself to eat, eat the body need to consume scarce energy to digest excess food. If this step is not done, the body may enter the fourth step. [1] 4 have a fever: on the one hand shows that pathogenic bacteria toxins into the blood, the body will start the immune system more advanced to deal with, to have a fever, the purpose is to burn toxins such as pathogenic bacteria. When the temperature rises to 38.5 degrees, the immune system will double, and when the temperature rises to 40 degrees, most of the virus will be burned. As long as we drink enough water, the human body will never burn a problem. But if we choose to make tuishaozhen, eat antipyretics, help the virus is to choose. Thus, the body may enter the fifth stage. 5 skin allergies: the body’s defense system decided to pass through the skin of the blood of the toxins quickly excreted in the skin, so the skin will be allergic. But now most people with anti allergic drug, ointments, antibiotics bottle, will have to row out through the skin of toxins, again pressed into the body, at the same time to the body inside the injection of new drug toxins more. This is obviously a hostile confrontation with the body’s natural healing function and intense destruction. The poor natural body function with a countermeasure approach, once again ready for further material conditions for greater disease in later life. 6 inflammation, purulent: the body in order to preserve the overall, the viruses and bacteria in the blood is concentrated in a small area, to combat the unified mobilization of annihilation inside the body, so there will be local swelling, heat and pain reaction. The world]相关的主题文章: