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Business Today’s techological innovations has made the workplace, marketplace and even personal space environement bound by it. Enterprises are dependent on IT systems and its enhancements to run applications for day to-day operations. Mobile applications are used across by vendors and customers alike and individuals keep in touch through social networking sites on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Such wide use of technology across every aspect of human life has turned every person as a data agent, respeonsible for the large volume of data generated everyday. Such vast volume of data generated are referred to as Big data and this .es from web logs, RFID, sensor networks,social networks, social data, Internet documents, search engines, call records, interdisciplinary scientific research, military surveillance, medical records and large-scale e-.merce. Being voluminous it is difficult to cpature, manage and process these data sets with the help of .monly used software. Further, today’s enterprises are challenged to process these large volues of unstrucutred data and convert them into useful information for buisness.The rapid development in big data analytics tools with advanced analytic techniques helps enterrpises handle such volumes of data sets. While big data analytics involves big data and analytics the rapid development in big data anaytics tools relates on how these two corelates to give modern enterprises the new-age form of business intelligence. Though business over the years has always been dependent on data collected from various sources, the concept of big data with its definition in terms of volume, velocity and variety is a recent one. Further, technological innovations have facilitiated a real-time data driven business. Enterprises and their content engineering teams are therefore challenged with more realistic outlook of how big data analytics can contribute with insights for the generating profits rather than creating storage space. Moreover, with technological innovations creating open source framework for storing large scale data, enterprises today make use of big data analytics to process the unstructured data for greater insgihts into improving and enhancing business process and products. The leading service providers helps enterprises to design, develop and depoly products such as big data analytic software that leverages on cloud .puting technologies and the vast volumes of strucutred and unstructured data to facilitate enterprises with insights into understanding their clients and their requirments. Further, the big data analytics tools has brought in advanced technical capapbilities that facilitates professionals to .bine skills and market knowledge and provide corporate houses to realize the larger vison for their business profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: