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Quarrel Deyunshe said the comic was shouting master how to write – Beijing, Washington said, should not say whispered." This is Guo Degang said crosstalk often shake stem. And these days, he and disciple Cao Yunjin, all these years and should not say that all the sun in front of everyone. Guo Degang sun Deyunshe genealogy said "cleaning", he was two. He Yunwei and Cao Yunjin are not in the column; Cao Yunjin sent a thousand words long past, detailing her and Guo Degang, Guo Degang directed at the "frame", "spare none", "I know that you can not see the light of the past". The apprentice Deyunshe war, prosperously trance. The crowd of people can eat melon lively, have their stand, have accused Guo Degang of "old, too hard", "Cao Yunjin also said that the villain devoid of gratitude, move". As of press time, Guo Degang did not respond to Cao Yunjin’s long complaint. More than two in the afternoon yesterday, Guo Degang micro-blog update, drying out the photo and Mr Bean and Yue Yunpeng, three people wearing a red coat recording, seem to be in a good mood. This tough naked tear, speaking from the Deyunshe genealogy. In August 30th, "a Deyunshe Festival" concert, Guo Degang published the first Deyunshe genealogy, personally that "are included in the family genealogy." In August 31st, Guo Degang micro-blog issued a top, in this "cleaning" in this paper, with emphasis on Guo Degang: "otherwise had Yongyun word names of two people, or days off every human progenitor rebellious, hard to sell to division Qiurong, meaning: if evil ruthless like this, have no sense of shame to warn the heinous crimes, back, the name from his legacy." Between the lines at Cao Yunjin and He Yunwei, two people are not included in the book. The netizens think Guo Degang is formal and disciples He Yunwei and Cao Yunjin break. In September 4th, Cao Yunjin finally unbearable open tear, after micro-blog said: "you can be interesting, never dare to name names, always give you a longer because of injury to men inflicted by evil persons, to make money, you push us away, now you planted, some unwarranted charges imposed on us, for we spare none to put us on. Death!" For Cao Yunjin’s "tear", Guo Degang did not respond positively, but micro-blog tells a story, "the Ming Dynasty officials discussed" the story finally asked "but you are not what I have to". In September 5th, Cao Yunjin not willing to continue to send a six thousand word called "is the time, also an end to the" long, it is an indictment of history. In this paper, accused Guo Degang of not passing the CCTV exposure ethics, comic contest the event, Guo Degang Li Jindou, Jiang Kun scolded as past famous crosstalk inside, also refused to return a stage name, called "cloud" is the founder of Mr. Zhang Wenshun, in this life do not change. This is from the end of 2010 Cao Yunjin from Devon, six years has been Guo Degang innuendo as a traitor after the first positive response. Cao Yunjin released Mengliao, has not yet been confirmed, but a ripple. Known as the "China first paparazzi Zhuo Wei forward Cao Yunjin micro-blog Wyatt相关的主题文章: