Pulandian old man stuck in the mud rub limbs to save nurse freyja

Pulandian old man stuck in the mud rub limbs to save nurse old clothes were soaked and freezing mud formation of heavy armor, the medical staff are cleaning up old clothes. Text newspaper reporter blessing map respondents to provide the evening of 14, Pulandian District Central Hospital ICU ward nurse Lv Shuyuan and her colleagues have been concerned about the safety of an elderly life. In the afternoon, the hospital has treated a fall in the pit of the 7 year old, due to long time immersion in cold mud, the old man even when the minimum temperature thermometer are measured out. 16, the newspaper B1 version had been reported on the matter. The reporter learned from the hospital, the patient received after they began a thrilling relay for life. In November 14th, 16:30 am, Pulandian District Central Hospital emergency department admissions of a special patient: an old man riding a bicycle accidentally fell into the Hua Jia Dao Shi Li Zi Cun, roadside ditch, bubble in the cold mud in several hours, low body temperature, fuzzy sense, was found after the 120 emergency center to be saved by the hospital. Admissions, emergency department staff immediately for the elderly to clean up, because of the cold weather and the trapped time is longer, the clothes are soaked in mud, ice formed heavy armor, the face is covered with dirt. Health care workers, regardless of dirty smell, the old man was clean, male nurses and the good people around the pants clothes. Hospital launched the green channel for the elderly to carry out the relevant laboratory tests, after consultation, considering hypothermia, the elderly into the ICU for the next treatment. "At that time, he had a temperature of less than 35 degrees Celsius, and even the thermometer could not be measured. If the body temperature is not restored as soon as possible, the elderly are likely to have life-threatening." Lv Shuyuan and colleagues decided that all of the nurses in the ICU ward have given up the rest time, stay in the hospital to help the elderly to restore body temperature. The infusion, oxygen, and double layer insulation quilt, several nurses take turns, stop for a moment to rub the old man’s limbs. Has been busy until 15 am, the old man’s body temperature was gradually restored. But because of the old man’s consciousness is still not very clear, unable to communicate, the medical staff have begun to find the old man’s family through a variety of ways, such as WeChat circle of friends. Get news of Jinzhou New District blue rescue team also help find families and come to visit the elderly. 15 morning, the old man’s consciousness gradually restored, but still not clear to speak, Lv Shuyuan patiently communicate with the elderly, trying to find the information of the elderly family. At noon, Lv Shuyuan asked the old man surnamed Yu, 74 year old, who lives in Pulandian District Feng Rong Street ancient global community of the day of the accident, he rode a bicycle to visit the home Jinzhou daughter, did not want to go the wrong way into the roadside ditch. Subsequently, the hospital linked to the ancient bubble community staff, after various links removed, and finally found the elderly living in the family members of the new gold pu. On the afternoon of November 15th, the two daughters of the old man rushed to the hospital. After checking the old man’s body, he was able to return home. The families of the elderly choking, kept on the medical staff thanked the Central Hospital of Pulandian.相关的主题文章: