Police announced the illegal occupation of the bus lane ranked 26 illegal car owners meyou

Police released the illegal occupation of bus lane ranking owners of illegal 26 times) in September 22nd, Wuhan police announced the three quarter of the illegal occupation of bus lanes most road rankings and the number of vehicles of illegal occupation of bus lanes most rank. Traffic police reminder: illegal occupation of bus lanes have been captured, take the bus lanes illegally parked vehicles will be towed away, please the majority of drivers do not have luck. The three quarter of 2016, the illegal occupation of bus lanes most road rankings, the top three were Luoshi Road (Fu Jiaju Road, Zhongshan Road to the South Lake Villa) (Lin Road intersection to Tanhua street intersection), East Street (Chang Xu Road junction to the electrical market road). Ten sections, of which there are 8 sections in Wuchang, the 1 in Hankou, there is a bridge across the river. The three quarter of the number of vehicles and illegal occupation of bus lanes most, the top three are A62V00, AA6L63, Hubei Hubei Hubei AG2C03, the top ten of the vehicles are small cars, 3 cars belonging to the unit, other vehicles are private cars. Illegal occupation of bus lanes, each will be fined 50 yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of Wuhan traffic police, in order to further the evolution of the traffic environment, so that the implementation of bus priority, Wuhan traffic police has continued to carry out illegal occupation of public transport lanes. Constantly improve the electronic monitoring system, basically as long as the illegal occupation will capture. For illegal occupation of public transport lanes illegally parked vehicles, found one, towed one, and fined 200. Since the three quarter of 7, Wuhan police in Wuhan city center, 2 Economic Development Zone and the East Lake scenic area, drag all kinds of illegal vehicles 8766, the shift of illegally parked vehicles 2518 units in the bus station near the tow, accounting for nearly 3.相关的主题文章: