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Planet X: Spain and Moore Granada, traditional culture – tourism Sohu Granada Spain is one of the most West European city, it was under Muslim rule for 800 years, in the Islamic world is still shining. Whether it is invisible in the winding lane or the courtyard corner from the ornate building to Arabia flavor delicacy, exudes a unique charm of Granada everywhere Moore culture and traditional Spanish style. This period we entered granada. > > holding a sword like knife, Alba apone? (Alba Aponte) special bent, attention to cut a chunk of Iberian ham. She is the "South Granada" (Al Sur de Granada) Deli owner of the store is selling organic food of modern people pay the most attention, but the store itself but left building since eleventh Century. From Granada also surrounded by walls in it so quietly next to the main entrance gate in Elvira (Puerta de Elvira) by a thousand years as one day. The shop put a basket and a basket of pomegranate, melon, tomatoes, pumpkin and squash, a dish of cheese exudes a mature flavor. > > Granada cultural crossroads, distance of the Alboran sea (Alboran Sea) is only about 50 kilometers. In the year 711, the first invasion of Spain is North Africa, across the sea, in. Now Spain is to Catholic country, but Granada still significantly different from other Spanish city, like a microcosm of the integration of Oriental culture. This feature in the main urban roads in Cologne (Gran Ví a de Avenue; Coló n) shows, there was originally a silk marketplace is now experiencing, Islamic style a good place for shopping. The hustle and bustle of large crowds fair, merchant cries and customer bargaining sound eyes, as one falls, another rises, will think to North Africa or Marrakech fez. > > as for the rear as the phantom is partly hidden and partly visible building, Santa Maria Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Avatar Maria de la Encarnació N, or Granada Cathedral). This is Castilla queen Isabella I and her husband in fifteenth Century after the construction of the idea to regain granada. The building itself in power on the declaration means that symbol is not inferior to religion. The original Granada mosque is gone, but the street a preserved medieval Moorish architectural treasures was miraculously down. Here is the original between Islamic school, Central octagonal hall will be the beauty of geometry behaved most incisive, the wall carefully carved carved in hidden verses from the koran. > > the modernization of the city of Granada, from time to time to see the Moorish ruins, but the best preserved, is a UNESCO World Heritage site of Al Bai Sin (Alb)相关的主题文章: