People’s prosecutor Shouguan acting Meng Ziyi won the praise of numerous-plants war

"People’s prosecutor" ending acting Meng Ziyi won the praise of numerous Tencent entertainment news recently, by Tao Yin, Zheng Yu, Meng Ziyi, Huang Haibing and other co starring drama "the people involved anti-corruption prosecutors" in CCTV prime time perfect ending. The play has been ranked top ratings since its launch, because it is the first domestic anti-corruption teleplays, attracted the audience and the industry recognized, and the matter is certainly consistent and appreciated the old strength actor or a new young actor’s interpretation have friends, called the year of conscience. Beautiful image to subvert the traditional impression of TV drama "prosecutor" tells the people’s prosecutor in the anti corruption Bureau Fang Daqing (Yu Zhenshi) and the Xia Jingru (Yin Taoshi) as the representative of the national prosecutors to exercise procuratorial authority according to law, loyalty to the mission, safeguard social fairness and justice, and criminal conspiracy stories. 95 small artistes Meng Ziyi plays a young fashion, the public prosecution department prosecutors impartial and honest in the play, this is her first challenge realism drama industry. The prosecutor in the impression of the audience should be a serious and built-in "field" of the national judicial personnel, played by Meng Ziyi Zhou Wenwen is a beautiful and lovely, and the impression of the inherent prosecutors image be quite different. But it is precisely this character set is consistent with today’s society, young prosecutor, publicity, and had some minor shortcomings, it is true, the prosecutor down to earth. Meng Ziyi’s attorney is brave, sentimental ignorant pure and strong, to break the people’s minds of the judicial personnel are stereotyped stereotypes, and gets the love and admiration of many viewers. The strength of the new and old actor Biao play the same stage of "people’s procurator" a wonderful launch date, the old drama of bone wonderful acting play frequently won praise, but few young actors in Mencius Yi led also caused a lively discussion of the audience. A representative of young female prosecutors group image of Zhou Wenwen (Meng Ziyi) is to become one of the focus of the topic of the play, and Tao Yin’s combination of beauty and also very aspect, also was named "best female prosecutor partner". Whether you play with the old drama of bone have to play on the same stage, or off screen to analyze the characters, Mencius meaning will continue to consult their predecessors, from the character orientation to performance skills, she would carefully record and listen to the experience of predecessors, hone their acting. With the recent people’s prosecutor’s end, Meng Ziyi’s wonderful performance for the role of the painting on the perfect end of the Zhou Wenwen. It is reported that Meng Ziyi starred in the romantic drama IP "what and what a cool summer" shooting is nearing completion, is currently shooting new drama "cold, we can not be sad", look forward to next year to see her more wonderful performance on the screen!相关的主题文章: