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"Pass the exam" really fly it? Yang Zhaoqing – with the 2017 national graduate admissions policy released once a year, "grind" drama gradually into public view. Some media reporters found that the postgraduate entrance examination economy is gradually warming, the major education and training institutions is to usher in the registration of the peak season, and some education and training institutions and even opened nearly 140 thousand yuan in tuition fees". In modern society, the value of higher education as a kind of social capital. Compared with undergraduate education, graduate education is clearly more gold content. In order to achieve upward social mobility, in order to occupy a higher position in the education hierarchy, many people joined the ranks of the postgraduate entrance examination. Shrewd businessmen always discover and create business opportunities, and will graduate economic fire burned more prosperous. As a talent selection mechanism, the postgraduate entrance examination is very competitive. Strong competition will bring risks, even for fully prepared candidates, but also dare to say to. The postgraduate entrance insurance has not only to meet some of the candidates and their parents look forward to the success of anxiety, but also to meet the needs of some people shortcuts. In the popularity of utilitarian and instrumental rationality of the moment, "I Paul had class to let some people save time, give them to eat a" reassurance". However, the deceased Paul class really fly it? To rely on self-reliance, must not rely too much on external forces". Some education and training institutions in order to achieve the "full purse", tend to exaggerate the remedial classes and training classes effect; on the other hand, some education training institutions usually make "A:" the "relationship" illusion, claims to be able to in the institutional framework for the candidates to seek benefits. Of course, the quality of education and training institutions, the greater the charges will be higher. In this regard, candidates need to polish his eyes. Xia Xueluan, a famous sociologist, believes that the times determine the state of mind. Today, we are in the market crash era and the era of science and technology, the era of knowledge and wisdom, continuously improve the value, make a living space of economic section; and in the noisy and impetuous coerced, longing for a more "postgraduate Paul had class will have a place to live in the resort to deceit — despite suffering criticism," Paul had postgraduate class "always come back. Yearning for a better life, the desire to achieve a breakthrough in life, so that more and more people to participate in the competition. Some people choose a down-to-earth, some people choose a different path of opportunistic behavior; and also reflects the different background values. Although we can not say that the education and training institutions have no effect, but the PubMed Paul had class function but not exaggeration. Only sober self adjustment, adhere to self-reliance and find suitable for their own review of the pro forma method, candidates have more chance of a dream come true. In a commercial speculation emerge in an endless stream consumer society, in the face of the public figure "graduate Paul had class, only candidates have recognized the value of certainty and powerful inner world, to laugh it off". (Editor: Wang Beckham) (original title: "pass the class" fly? "相关的主题文章: